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I have been trying to organise my Itunes Library. All thw OCRemix Albums now have artwork and I have been re downloading things that I had lost while changing computers. I have re catalogued all the old Ocremixes from the Main Site under the Album artist "Overclocked Remix" to match the sites more recent filing method, but for some reason the tracks have divided themselves up. There are now two big groups of Remixes that won't mix and several others have established smaller groups of two and threes.

The groups do not distinguish between Date, Remixer or title name. as all are spread between the groups. I have scoured the file information but I am at a loss. It's frustrating my OCD. Please help before I snap and go on a random killing spree!


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As you can see tracks have been divided and refuse to blend into a single album. As you can see artists do not necessarily fit into one group, so this is not the problem. Nor is it to do with date.

I can't find a logical explanation in the file info. I was wondering if anyone else found the same problem?

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Hey. I've had similar problems in the past. I, personally, just scrapped iTunes for Winamp, but I've managed to fix the problem you are having by doing the following. Either way, I recommend that you only edit your tags through Mp3tag and not through iTunes or Winamp or whatever. Mp3Tag lets you see everything and sometimes those other programs "Add Things" that can cause problems like the one you have.

1. Remove the Songs from your iTunes library and rescan them.

2. If that doesn't work, there is likely something wrong with the tags.

3. Grab Mp3tag if you haven't already.

4. Open the program and go to Tools->Options and set it to look like this.

5. Then, find the directory of your files and select your files. Right click them and press, "Remove tag." This will remove all the tags except the ID3v2.3 tags as long as you changed the settings to look like the ones in my image in step 4. Don't worry. If you mess up, Mp3Tag has an "Undo" button.

6. Select the files and click "Extended tags." Here is an example of the entries I have kept. You likely have several other uneeded entries or duplicate entries such as, "albumsortorder, date (as opposed to year), www, and other weird tags." Getting rid of these other entries seems to help. Click okay and make sure everything looks okay still.

7. Now make sure all of the files have the same "Album Artist" and "Album." It should be an entry on the left column, but if not, you can add the field by going to "Tools-Option-Tag Panel." After you have made a change in the left column, don't forget to click the save button in the top left. Or go to File-Save Tag. We didn't have to do that with the extended tags, but you do when you edit tags from the left column.

8. After you have changed the tags. Remove the files from your iTunes library and reimport them. Hopefully that helps!

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Thanks for the thorough explanation & details, J. Hopefully that's what'll help him get his files in order.

That said, our fans seriously do not need to be engaging in this much work to have our files make sense, so I can't WAIT to have these fixed files released. My updated files are 1 album, 1985 tracks in my iTunes. I'll have to host some for people to look over once again so I can make sure all bases are covered, but they're basically as good as they're going to be.

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