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OCR02188 - Final Fantasy XI Online "A Cinematic Heaven"


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"Cinematic" is a great descriptor for this piece. I can't stop imagining a sweeping camera showing off the world of FFXI. I have to admire the orchestral composition, as I've always been slightly intimidated to try something large scale with an orchestra - I've only done a few exercises back in school, but something like this always tempts me to do some more experimenting.

I especially like the...modesty, that you show in this arrangement. What I mean to say is, you seem confident enough in the strength of the piece that you're unafraid to scale back on the intensity once or twice in order to build up the tension once again. It's a great effect. Impressive stuff!

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With a repetitive source like Heaven's Tower, I can understand the difficulty in working with it.

But hearing the panpipe part being alluded to within the wind instrumentation in this setting it, as well as hearing the bell parts being alluded to in some of the pitched percussion as well, they managed to set the foundations for building up this symphonic vision behind the track. It's almost similar to GrayLightning's earlier material in that regard with some of these more unconventional transition ideas, which to me isn't at all a bad thing. :)

For the most part it was very well realised, and even the strings and flute parts - often tricky enough to humanise - both have been realised well enough. There were one or two parts though that the strings still had their mechanical nature to them, particularly in some of the builds throughout the track, but thankfully the texture work throughout really managed to give this a very solid lift.

This more unconventional structure might split some listeners, but I felt that for its purpose it managed to get the job done. Hopefully we'll get to see more of Souliarc in the near future if something like THIS ended up being his first submission :)

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