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post your instruments!

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I have more than just 2 guitars, but here are some pics of my two most recent additions:

My Ibanez Artcore Semi-Hollow body:




(also has my M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro in the back there)

And here's a few pics of my baritone Ibanez SZ320:




I'll post more of my guitars and other instruments when I have a digital camera again.

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The most significant of my 'other' guitars is an Ibanez Jazzbox. Made from cocobolo as part of their exotic tonewood collection, the entire AJD series dissapeared in less then a year. Bad sales or summat, I dunno. I think it's fun. I call it Chocobolo :).

Heh , what do you know ! , I got that guitar too!

I can't take a picture right now , so here is a picture I found on the net


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I see your five and raise you ten! :D

(FWIW Shaggy, old buffet clarinets, especially the really old ones, are worth a-LOT in the band world)

I play trombone... hurray for sitting in orchestra and never playing.

Could be worse I suppose... I could be a percussionist!

that's not exactly true, but they are prized for sentimental value. and lamps.

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1890s piano with REAL IVORY KEYS

1880s pump organ

1960s acoustic guitar my grandma used to play in her folk music days

Soviet era balalaika my uncle gave me (and yes I can play Korobushka)

And a busted ass dulcimer with one string that stays tuned, one that is bent and doesn't stay tuned, and is missing the third string.

do I win at instruments

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