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post your instruments!

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we've got a "post your workspace" thread, but no live instrument thread. so, what are you packing? the only rule is that it has to be a traditional instrument - like a trumpet or a guitar - so no midi controllers, no rackmount effects, and no amps.

if you got it used, list what you paid for it =) if it's new, don't worry about it.

i've currently got:

selmer paris series III alto sax, serial number 628xxx - bought new

conn tenor sax (garage sale special!) - 100$ and a pair of nice football cleats

ibanez EW20ZWENT acoustic guitar (that's the zebrawood one) - bought new

washburn 12-string acoustic from the early 90s (don't remember the model), no pickup - 50$ and two matched audio technica dynamic mics

kay 8-string mandolin, circa 1971, no pickup - 175$, and it came with a case and two sets of strings

arbor semi-hollow electric guitar with aftermarket tuners and electronics (new, as of today!) - 175$

fender 4-string acoustic bass guitar - 100$, came with a properly fitted gig bag

esp 6-string electric bass (spalted maple top) - 100$ and a behringer 6-input mini mixer

we also got an upright grand for free off of craigslist when we were in ithaca. i don't remember the manufacturer, but it was made in the 20s and weighs roughly a thousand pounds or so. oh, and it's missing a wheel and a few ivories, but nothing major :<

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Good idea =)

Acoustic Violin ~ First hand 2kish made in the Workshops of Masnik,one of the last things my mother gave me while she was in Kuala Lumpur <3

Electric Violin --> Second hand $550 from an orchestra friend just last week, bought in QLD

Acoustic Guitar Washburn d10 --> First hand $340 bought in Melb

Love them all very much, the electric is the baby of the family though =)


Wish people were giving away free pianos where I lived!

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Ok why not.


My main guitar is an Ibanez RG1570. I have yet to find another guitar that plays as smoothly as this one. I've played other prestige RGs but there's always something missing. Could use some better pickups but luuurvly. Pretty much all the lead guitars on my tracks use this guy, as well as all the standard tuning rhythm songs.

My main backup guitar is a Jackson Dinky. No idea exactly what model as it has no serial number. From what the Jackson owners club can tell me, this probably means it's a custom shop creation that either had a fault, was some kind of twisted experiment, or even just that it arrived at the QC factory with missing tools. All I know is it's pretty cool looking. I keep it in dropped D, so most of my dropped D parts use this.


The most significant of my 'other' guitars is an Ibanez Jazzbox. Made from cocobolo as part of their exotic tonewood collection, the entire AJD series dissapeared in less then a year. Bad sales or summat, I dunno. I think it's fun. I call it Chocobolo :).


Ibanez Gio, first guitar, woo!

B.C. Rich Mick Thompson signature... don't ask...

80s Silvertone. So old school. So very old school.

Tanglewood acoustic.

Nameless nylon string.


Wesley 5-String Bass

Stagg Mandolin. Piece of crap, high strings keep breaking for no reason.

Beaver Creek Ukulele. $35 thrift store. Bargain.

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Schecter C1+ with an EMG 81 in the bridge and an EMG 85 in the neck - $400

Ibanez Gio, not sure what model exactly, got it over half a decade ago new

Squier P-Bass - $50

I used to have a Schecter Tempest Custom with an EMG 81/85 set, paid a grand total of $900 for that guitar after putting in those pickups. Shame it got stolen. That was my baby.

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I'm probably setting off a bomb for pro guitarists here, but:

I have a First Act Electric Guitar I picked up at Toys R Us a year ago. I run it through Guitar Rig 4 Pro, which I got for free when I bought Audio Kontrol 1. Sounds pretty decent, but I haven't replaced the strings... ever, period. And that was a year ago, so I might be overdue on that...

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B.C. Rich Mick Thompson signature... don't ask...

Haha, me too!

My primary guitar is an Ibanez RG2570 - Bought for about 1100 dollars a couple of years ago. My feelings about this guitar are pretty much the same as Fishy's about the 1570.

As for the rest:

-An Ibanez SA260FM that's been pretty much downgraded to a backup guitar

-The BC Rich Mick Thompson signature, although with a Dimebucker that's probably about the same value as the guitar itself. It's tuned to D, and I keep it handy for those extra heavy rhytm tracks.

-No-brand acoustic nylon guitar from a custom shop in Denmark

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Esteban Guitar

Violin (Japanese in origin. Pre-WWII, judging by the Trade Mark)


2 Cellos (Lark, Ceclio)



4 Irish Whistles (courtesy of Black Mage)


Guitar (Vinci)

Yamaha YPT-310 keyboard (thanks go to my fiancee for that one)

I might try to get a family picture or some individuals to post up here later.

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Here's the full list of what I have but I'll post some pics of the more interesting stuff:


This is a Remo Bodhran. I don't use this guy enough.


This accordion is pretty old. It's one that I inherited from my grandfather a very long time ago. While it's a wee bit out of tune, it still plays.


This is the first instrument I ever played. It's a Buffet clarinet and it's VERY old. I estimate that it's about 75 years old or so. It needs some work done on it to get it back to playing condition but it's still functional.


This is my 82 Les Paul Custom that I inherited from my uncle. It's quite the heavy beast.

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wait, you've got a 75-year-old buffet clarinet?

...how much do you want for it?

Oh, I'm not looking to part with it right now. :) Right now I'm only estimated how old it is. I've had a lot of trouble find much information about it via Buffet themselves. The serial number that's on the clarinet doesn't exactly match any thing they have listed on their site. I really need to have someone who knows more about them to look at it.

I've had it since I was eight years old (1982). From what I remember, the woman my mother bought it from said it was in her attic for 30-40 years. I have no idea who the original owner was. I'd really love to know how much the thing is worth.

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Wind Instruments:

  • Selmer Series II "Super Action 80" Alto Sax - ~$2800 IIRC
  • A Plastic Yamaha Recorder - $20
  • Wooden Pan Flute - 400 Hyrivna, purchased from a pedlar in Ukraine
  • Clay Ocarina - 250 Hyrivna, purchased from that same peddler
  • D Harmonica - $30
  • Random Alto Sax that's all rusty
  • Woodwind/Brasswind Alto Sax - $400

String Instruments

  • Aria Electric Guitar, looks like a Les Paul - $400 (used)
  • Ariana Mandolin - $100 (I think)
  • Fender Squier 5 String J-bass Special - $250
  • Yamaha RBX65A 5 String - $350
  • Ernie Ball OLP 4 String - $300
  • Taylor 114e Acoustic - $715
  • Excel Series Electric Guitar - Inherited from father


  • Egg Shakers - ~$5 each
  • Crappy Bongos ~$5
  • Toca Kalimba - $16

I'd LOVE to have a Djembe but I have to think about moving soon so I really need to get rid of some of these things. -_-

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I played Bb Baritone for two years in elementary school. I miss it sometimes (though trombone is way more versatile). It was a Yamaha-made one, very small but it had a nice, warm sound (especially in comparison to the trombones).

Maybe when I'm rich I'll buy a baritone again and rock out.

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Don't knock the recorder! I have a couple myself. :)
lol, by now I'm sure it's either broken or filled with mold since I haven't used it since I was like 11. >_>
In my experience that's very lucky. :P

lol yeah it is, it gets the job done. Also as I stare at my rooms wall I forgot to mention my fender acoustic electric... which I never use. Man playing guitar is hard. I am a keyboardist all the way >_<

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