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Final Fantasy III for iPhone

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It's mostly a port of the DS game with the artwork redone. FF3 is the best of the original trilogy -- give it a shot if you are yet to play through it! Do note that it's old-school jRPG hard though.

The communication features between multiple players (Mognet) has been changed. You can't send messages between players anymore, though this feature is largely redundant since you're playing on a phone :P

I would very much like to know if the soundtrack has also been remastered or retouched, as I will buy it only if that is the case, having played through it too often to warrant a purchase at the current price otherwise...but I can't find that info anywhere. If anyone knows, let me know please -- thanks.

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When they remade this for the DS and didn't have it on the GBA, I was heart-broken. I played through FF1 and am working on FF2 right now from Dawn of Souls.

I will just say this:

The soundtrack for this game is AMAZING, whether remade version or not.

I haven't actually played through it but it has a lot to live up to after FF1 and 2.

I have or had a rom of it and it worked good enough in an emulator.. but it sucks not bein' able to afford to buy it and a DS. Or a 3DS. Playing it on a phone would be terrible. They ain't got no directional pad.

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Sega produces ROMs of Final Fantasy games?
Sega is offering their classics

What? Where on earth did you read Sega released FF games on iPhone? Sega released Sega games (Basically just genesis roms thrown into crappy emus). I was saying comparing that to FFIII on iPhone, which is a nicely done DS port w/ enhancements, aren't on the same level at all.

Try reading the thread! =P

You dont need a Dpad, physical or virtual, to move specifically in an RPG. Precise movement is not needed in an RPG at all, a virutal dpad could be provided but I dont see why "touch the edges of the screen to walk that direction" would prevent you from playing an RPG, it seems well suited for that. Shoudln't cover up much of the screen, but again, in an RPG theres not really things coming up you need to dodge or anything. The DS game already had touch controls as an option and worked fine

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Why would they make one for the iPhone, but not the IPad? I would figure the bigger screen would improve gameplay. Hell, I wrote this message on the iPad.

The dude form Kotaku reviewed this game on an iPad...

Anyway, this motivated me to jew my mom's old iPhone 3G off her because I loved the DS version so much. Anyone know if you still have to send mog mail to people to unlock some stuff in the game, such as the super secret ultimate optional boss?

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Wondering if this works on an iPod Touch as well? Really considering buying one just because of those Square-Enix games.

If you have an iTouch 3 or 4 then it will work. I don't have an iPhone but instead do all of my portable gaming these days on the 3rd gen iTouch.

DarkeSword has had some success with the older models, but I'll let him post about it.

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I can play Chaos Rings on my 1st Gen iPod Touch running iOS 3.1.2, although there is a lot of frameskip to keep the game running at a decent clip.

As far as I know all of SE's iOS games except for Voice Fantasy are playable on the original iPod Touch with its max firmware (3.1.3). I have Chaos Rings, Hills and Rivers Remain, and Vanguard Storm. I haven't bothered with the Final Fantasies because I already have those for GBA and DS. According to iTunes, you can run Final Fantasy III on an iPod Touch with firmware as low as 3.0.

I've been considering getting a newer model of iPod Touch just as a handheld gaming console; newer iPods are on par with iPhone 4 (processing power, high pixel-density, etc.). The problem is that they are rather pricey and I just dropped a lot of dough on a 3DS, so I'll probably hold off for a bit until they come down or I can get a good deal.

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