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Appreciation of VG Music 6: Live Instruments

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Theme #6: Live Instruments Only

What is needed:

  • Link a stream or youtube video of your favorite original track that must correspond with the current theme. Not limited to just one.
  • Explain why you like the specific track. Don't just say you like it.
  • Some favorites will often be shared between more than one persons. This means someone else will likely post a track which you like. So instead post your 2nd favorite or so forth. No duplicates. The idea here is to spread as much different tracks as possible.
  • Or, you can post a track you've never really listened to before and write why it should be enjoyed.
  • Participation is key.

Previous sessions:

1. Battle Music

2. Game Boy

3. Vocals

4. Scary Theme

5. Sad Theme

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 End Credits

Realizing that it does have some of those Galaxy sound effects in it, the main part of this track is the live orchestra.

What made this theme jump out to me was the increase in dynamics since Super Mario Galaxy's end credits. It just seemed deeper to me. Also, I'm pretty sure the favorite theme from the series is the "Gusty Garden Galaxy" theme from the first installment. If there was one theme people wanted to return in the sequel, that would probably be the one. But it doesn't appear in the game. Then you beat the game and sit through the credits. The music builds up and launches into the theme, almost like a little bonus reward for the fans.

THEN you get to the Special Map and hear a different arrangement of it, but that's another story. :tomatoface:

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This is the game that defined next-gen for me, it was the first game I bought with a brand new 360.. the music blew me away and it's still a shining example of good soundtrax.. apart from that... The NIER OST is one of the best as well.

I'd go as far as to say this game CHANGED MY LIFE, much like FF7 did when I was like 15.

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I found this guy a few months ago, and I keep coming back to it. It contains a few electronic elements, but for the most part, this is solid orchestral performance, with a lot of unique instruments to spice it up. The soundtrack flows beautifully, setting up its main motif, and juggling it throughout; it's catchy enough that it really doesn't get old. And the percussion is incredibly solid, too. Bear McReary did a fantastic job with it, and I hope he keeps coming back to the game industry; he's normally a TV composer.

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Go K.K. Rider!

from Animal Crossing

I love this song. The violin part is beautiful, and I loved going to K.K. Slider in the game and listening to it. In my Animal Crossing house, I had a jukebox that would play this song haha. Favorite song from Animal Crossing, besides maybe the menu theme.

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Here's a great track from 'Lord's of Magic'. Very much the reason why I played Order in that game (that and because of a glitch where you can spawn unlimited top tier soldiers, haaa).

The guitar, the strings, the drums - everything works incredibly well together in it. The big climax at 3:09 is excellent, too (and was also the title screen for the game). Very sexy, underrated music, there.

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  • 9 months later...

This is a ReMix from a band that isn't affiliated with OCR, but I just had to find a way to share it! These are excellent smooth jazz renditions of "Blackjack", "Relm", and "Searching for Friends" played live. It's so well done, I'm surprised it doesn't have more views than it currently does. Take a listen then tell your friends, tell your neighbors, then tell Randy Gonzalez!



Searching for Friends

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