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Cyril's Silly Show on 8bitx.com!

Cyril the Wolf

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Tuesday's @ 10PM EST!

The show where I play video game music, random music, requests and maybe someday interview people who are cool nerd music guys/gals. Just some fun.

General show format is the first half-hour to hour is me performing music of the video game cover variety, sometimes with backing tracks, sometimes not.

Just some fun, come listen if your feeling it! :)

Tonight its probably gonna be a half-hour of me performing, I'm not well lol.

Like it on Facebook beyothces: http://facebook.com/csillyshow

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Well, the last show I had Kyle, featured Brushfire and Pete and BrianSpackle. Sooo.... OCAD mostly took over my show. :3

Still working things out, but each show is getting better. I can officially say we are NOW IN STEREO (I had been accidentally broadcasting in mono until recently so lets hope for the best next time lol)


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S'alright species. My recording works, though I would still appreciate it if you could also record them so that I have a backup in case mine poops for some reason if that's cool.

@Brushfire I knew you were at poopy work, I expect you to be back someday!

@Garian its true guys, we all get together and BS for hours and hours while playing minecraft on Skype.

@BS It was, hope I wasn't too rude to you.

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Yes. I am now 21. So I can now buy some brews. This means that throughout the episode I will be drinking some craft beers and reviewing them.

The first will be Full Sail breweries Session Black, something they released only recently

The second will be Great Lakes "The Doppelrock" which has some great reviews

and the third will be "Saranac Summer Ale" which doesn't have that great of reviews, but to hell with it!

I may also have a Guiness Draught Extra Cold if time allows.

For the performance tonight, I'm not gonna go crazy, but if I can throw together an arrangement of somethin special, I will. :)

EDIT: already reviewed the session and Summer ale with my father earlier (I will be recapping) so I guess the other two will be random

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