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Video Producer Available (samples included)


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Hey all, I'm in dire need of a proper portfolio and experience if I'm to get a job with a studio. I am willing to offer my services free of charge (unless you want to pay) in order to reach this goal. I would like to work closely with any clients to deliver a legitimate product, but I also need a variety of styles to show off my versatility.

I am not a tutorial junkie. I am not a YouTube noob. I'm self-taught in After Effects and Photoshop, and I'm now starting to learn Cinema 4D. It's true I don't know how to do everything, but I have an uncanny ability to figure things out as I go. The downside to those type of projects? I'm slow, but it's worth it. I want to bring your ideas into the video because it will double the creative potential of the final product.

Now I'm going to link you to samples. One will be from YouTube, where I have a lot of weird/stupid videos uploaded that I did for fun. Those are junk, but what I link you to should be of acceptable or higher quality. The second will be from Vimeo, and it was made in 2 days time, between my classes, because of a sudden job opportunity that arose in the past. Considering the short amount of time I had, please excuse the lack of polish.

Sample 1 [Animated Logo]: http://youtu.be/A5vsjIW7IxU?hd=1

Sample 2 [Corporate]: http://vimeo.com/19309509 EDIT: Y'know what.. before someone accuses me of thievery I'll say this: yes, those images in the video were not drawn by me. I'm not trying to pull wool over anyone's eyes.

Sample 3 [Music Video]: http://vimeo.com/19098762

If you'd like to present a project to me, please email me at zlong1@kent.edu . Whether you think my work is great or not, I will have a lot of inquiries because I'm doing things for free, and I won't be able to do every project asked of me. Please keep that in mind as you present your project to me by being specific in what you're looking for and how you want it done.

If there's any questions, feel free to ask them here or through that same e-mail. I look forward to working for all of you, except Wacky and Bleck. No, just kidding :D I look forward to everyone getting in touch with me.

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Ford logo was backwards at :12. Nooooo! The devil's in the details. ;-)

You have a sharp eye! I had to pause and squint a bit to really see it :P For that, you get a discount! 50% off my price of $0!

I gotta say, the response to this was much quicker than I expected. I'm just so used to the sound of tumbleweed in the WIP forum ;) But seriously, this is pretty cool.

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