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Flinstones remade.... by Seth MacFarlane

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Looney Tunes have lots of cultural relevance and is a relic of the past, but no one minds when their show is rebooted. What gives :P

I definitely cared when they tried to make Looney Tunes edgy. Looney Tunes hasn't really been good since the late '40s, early '50s. And they are far more valuable to animation, in my opinion, than the Flinstones are.

Then again, I just hate virtually everything Hanna Barbara has done.

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I will only watch this if there is a crossover with the Jetsons.

In my opinion that animated movie crossover is the absolute peak of both shows, especially The Flintstones. I would watch that again in a heartbeat because it was such a cool concept. And even with all this praise, that's not saying much about those two shows.

Look, I used to like Flintstones back when I was a kid, but it's a legacy franchise. I highly doubt there's demand for it now. And quite frankly the show just doesn't fit today's standards. It has aged a lot. In summary, I have a lot of respect for it, and I liked it when I was little. But I don't absolutely go gaga for it. There are a lot of better Hanna-Barbera franchises out there that should get revived over the Flintstones. Give me Wacky Races or Swat Cats for crying out loud. I won't mention Tom and Jerry because it will absolutely be butchered in the upcoming CGI film adaptation.

The only reason Seth is doing this because he's passionate about The Flintstones, but I still don't trust him at all. He'll have to be extremely smart about it. Keep it classic, yet modernize it like some of the recent (as in 90s recent) Flintstones animated specials. Let us have grown-up Pebbles and Bam-Bam instead of the kids. Or turn them into Stewie copies. I can see this work for some reason even though it sounds like a cop-out. HB will undoubtedly keep him at bay regarding the raunchiness, but this makes good room for some adult jokes that go way over the kids' heads ala Tiny Toons and Anamaniacs.

The potential is there, but I'm not sure if Seth is the right man to do it despite his passion. Family Guy proves that he's just too excessive with the material. I liked some of the earlier episodes, but it came to the point in which the series became tasteless.


This discussion hyped me up to look for the most recent project involving the Flintstones. This was back in 2001. Last Flintstones project that involved Mr. Hanna and Mr. Barbera before they passed away. This is how a revival should be done! The opening minutes made me smile and chuckle. Let's hope Seth is taking notes.

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