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Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos - History

k u n g f u c h i c k e n

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This is the official thread of the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles Arrangement Project, "Project Chaos".


To All Project Artists:

We are putting together an "about the artist" section for the site. It will pop up when someone selects your song to download or clicks a link near it.

What I need from all of you is the following:

1. A fairly recent (and decent) picture of you.

2. One paragraph (not too long) that's a profile of you. Your name, age, your relationship to game music.

3. One paragraph about how you tackled and created your song.

4. A link to a homepage, email address and instant messenger screename (at your own disclosure).

Send this information to me (SnappleMan) either by PM here on OCR, email or IM.


From SnappleMan:

I personally have decided to appoint a third manager to this project. We need a little help.

The person I've chosen is Rexy. I think she's very capable of handling the things that KFC and I aren't doing too well.

This project has the potential to be great, and not just one or two songs. It's time we stopped bullsh*tting around and finished this up.

To everyone who made a commitment to this project, it's time to make this your top priority (after personal life things, ofcourse). I don't want any more excuses, it's time to get this done, and do it well.

KFC made a good choice in selecting the 31st of January as the due date for final songs. You should all have them done by then, no bullsh*t, just get your work done.

From KFC:

This may be Snapple's best move yet appointing Rexy, considering that all these various loads (like other projects, managing this one, life) are leading to some ridged descions on my part, and the fact that Snapple isn't around often enough to doing anything, Rexy is sure to get our a**es in gear. Jan 31st people, see you there!

REALEASE DATE: .pending.

DEADLINE JAN 31ST!!!!!!!!!


Right now it's crunch time. You guys have had plenty time to work on your tracks, and now it's time to close in and gets things done.

ATTENTION!!! You guys have kept a steady work flow throughout the project's history. You guys have truely impressed me with the lvl of skill displayed. Right now we are the stage where we all should try to focus on finishing our tracks and getting the best sound out of them that we can before preparing them for the album.

The work so far is fantastic, let's keep up this level of quality till the end!


Make sure (this is for finished tracks) that you send your wav files to Snappleman and not KFC, as Snapple is in charge of the mixing of the album and what not.


Send your work to BOTH of us. Both SnappleMan and KFC want your work! Talk to the both of us, send us both work, ask us both for help. Right now, we're handling seperate halves of the people, and we don't know what the other is doing. So contact both of us from now on.

NEW UPDATE! - No more posting of WIPs publically. Only send them to me, KFC, and anyone currently on the project. No non-project people should be hearing the music past this point.

DO NOT POST THE FINAL SONG HERE! Do not post it anywhere else online! Keep it a secret till the project is done! If we find that you've been spreading your song around the net, you will be canned!

Some things to note about this project, as our director KungFuChicken!(aka KFC) said, this is a team venture. Think of the project team as one big band. If you think someones work can use something, suggest it. If you want help from someone else on the project, ask them. The main goal for all of us is to produce the best possible music!


- Track Names Are Coming.

Tracklisting - 17/27 complete

DISC I - Main Soundtrack

1. Data Select - KungFuChicken! *CLOSED* - Starting Line

2. Angel Island Zone - Rexy *DONE* - Divided From Grace

3. Hydrocity - housethegrate *DONE*

4. Marble Garden - Daniel Baranowsky *DONE* - Knuckle Duster

5. Carnival Night - Hadyn *CLOSED*

6. Icecap - Hetcenus *DONE*

7. Launch Base - GeckoYamori *CLOSED*

8. Mushroom Hill - GaMeBoX *DONE* - iMushroom

9. Flying Battery - SnappleMan *DONE* - Dead Batteries

10. Sandopolis - BrainCells *DONE* - Live At The Sandopolis

11. Lava Reef - KungFuChicken! *CLOSED* - Simply Molten

12. Hidden Palace - Kanjika *DONE*

13. Sky Santuary - Kanjika *DONE*

14. Death Egg - Joker *DONE* - Before The Storm

15. Final Boss - SnappleMan *DONE* - Malicious Fingers

16. Doomsday - SnappleMan *DONE* - Splendid Chaos

17. Ending Credits(S3 version) - Kanjika+KungFuChicken! *CLOSED*

DISC II - Special Themes

1. Boss 1 (S3 version) - free... again.

2. Boss 1 (S&K version) - GaMeBoX *CLOSED*

3. Boss 2 - KungFuChicken! *CLOSED* - Egg Sequel

4. Special Stage - chthonic *DONE* - Red Sphere, Blue Sphere

5. Competition Menu - Rexy *CLOSED*

6. Azure Lake Competition - Ross Kmet *DONE* - Momentary Standstill

7. Balloon Park Competition - Ichitootah *DONE* - Helium Stairways

8. Chrome Gadget Competition - Hetcenus *DONE* - Ivory Gadget

9. Desert Palace Competition - Joker *CLOSED* - Heat Blur

10. Endless Mine Competition - jeffreymroberts *DONE* Eternal Excavation

Things to consider while working

Keep your tracks at normal volumes. Louder is NOT better. If it sounds like it should be louder, LEAVE IT ALONE. If your track is considerably louder than the others, you'll either have it "adjusted" by me, or you'll have to remix the tracks at normal volumes. Keep your peaks at -0.2dB, RMS levels should not be above -14dB (if you don't know what RMS is, just be sure to keep your music from clipping).

One of my suggestions is that we do some post production on the songs that need it, after they're completed. This way, nothing will overpower anything else with loudness. Reply to this thread with your opinion on this.

Useful contacts:

KFC = senseichicken (AIM)

SnappleMan = SNKFreak (AIM)

People offering their talents:

Majin GeoDooD (AIM) - If you need gutiar work, IM him, talk to him, make plans, and he'll make you happy.

MythrilNazgul (AIM) - Our buddy Mythril has offered to the project his vox! You may contact him if you need some rapping done.

Click Here for the CORRECT Sonic 3 and Knuckles GYM files.

As for completion of the project, there's a change in the usual way that projects here get done. KFC and I will decide which songs will make it on. Unless the songs are so close together that we can't really decide, in which case we will throw them over to you for voting. If you feel like complaining endlessly about this, best to quit the project and spare us the spamming.

(I may sound like an ass, but the most important thing is the quality of this project.)

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Probably because noone really reads the first page anymore after about 30 pages into the project?

Yeah, but usually when the front page is quoted, they specify WHY they posted it, to emphasize a point. There's alot on those front pages, so, it usually helps get things done to know exactly why the front page was quoted.

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I managed to read it; sorry if I didn't get back to you sooner, had a few other things under my belt.

Nonetheless, it's good to see things are steadily getting under wraps. Now where the hell are we going to find someone to do Boss 1? :P

I'll do it! *records a "Come On!" sample*

Go Kyle! I was thinking about doing it, but it's such a wierd song, I don't think I could handle it. Good luck!

Haha, I don't think I could actually do it, either. :P It is a weird song, though. Hopefully someone can handle it...

:-/ I guess I take everything too seriously! Well, I'll tinker with it, and maybe I'll come up with something...we'll see.

Hmm this may seem kinda weird but w/e. I think i'd like to see what i could come up with. I don't expect it to be used on the project since i don't have any remixes posted anywhere online and am not a part of the project, but i do make my own personal remixes for my iPod so i have some experience. Don't know when i'd be able to do it(since i don't have my laptop on campus with me) but if it's still needed when i get around to making something. I'll try if anything just to give someone more capable an idea or two to help there take on the song out some. well cya and looking foward to the project. :D

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I've downloaded everything but can't really listen to shit till the weekend, Joker. Worry not, I'll let you know how it is then.

EDIT: hahahaha oh man.... listening to some of these final tracks... I'm shitting my pants at how good this project is gonna be when we launch it. You fucks are so lucky... :)

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