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Where's Wall E (and can you name them all?)


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So check out this poster

First, it's a take on Where's Waldo (obviously), so you have to find the cute little robot in the pile of cute and less-than-cute robots.

There's also a contest, apparently to win a signed copy of the poster from the artist. I just think it'll be fun to see who can name the most here, or see if we can eventually get them all with our collective knowledge.

Here's the numbered picture for the contest and ease of naming

Good luck!

EDIT: Spreadsheet editable by all!

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2. Lost in Space Robot

14. ED-209 from Robocop

18. Ahnold

19. Number 5 from Short Circuit

30. Dot Matrix from Spaceballs

35, 36. Hahaha the robots from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

48. C3PO

45. Those dumb robots from Episode 1

57. Cylon from BSG

64. Matrix

70. Calculon from Futurama

76. Bicentennial Man?

77. Bender

78. Eve

79. Tin Man

115. Tick-Tock from Return to Oz

119. Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

120. Rosie from Jetsons

132. Gir from Invader Zim

155. Tom Servo from MST3K

165. R2D2

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that big-chinned detective robot looks so familiar...

I thought Grounder, XJ9, Necron-99 "PEACE" from Wizards and the Guardian from Laputa: Castle in the Sky were nice additions.

Though I don't think Tin Man, or that... TV from The Brave Little Toaster (not sure) count as robots!

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i found some other ones

13 and 50 are from the movie Robots but i can't remember their names (played by ewan mcgregor and robin williams, who also starred in BICENTENNIAL MAN), 163 is clank, 176 is jimmy neutron's dog, 180 is brn-e, 118 is (i think?) the robot from batteries not included, 116 is cleverly disguised android marketing

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