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OCR00456 - Super Mario World 2 & 1, Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 "What the Funk?"


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Even in so short a mix, there's so many smile-worthy highlights including, but not limited to:

- the drums' rapid-fire beats

- the way the trumpet quotes the main theme at 0:59

- the slap bass during Mario's pasta dreams

- Mario's screams at 0:13 and 1:46 (I always get a chuckle out of those)

- the ending

Pure, unadulterated homage. What more could you ask for?

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If you're going to call it the ending level fanfare, don't you think it should actually be the song you're remixing? I wouldn't take Final Fantasy 6 boss battle music, remix it and call it Main battle music. Seems Silly is all. It's a decent track otherwise, just slightly misleading.

Or you're just anal retentive about what themes are allowed. That's pretty much it. :lol:

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Kinda short and at some points you can hear it's age, but all in all I actually liked this one. I'm going to have to agree, DJP was the closest to describing the underwater duck sounds of it, and while certain themes didn't blend or stick out as well as others, I don't think this is bad at all. Mario's voice sounds were a great addition in this one. Nice stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00456 - Super Mario World 2 & 1, Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 "What the Funk?"

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