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just what this world needs - more gerudo valley!

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TIme for nobody's favorite track!


5/23/12 - Fear 'n Trembling (Battle


That's right, the vanilla battle music! Something to get your heart racing and your palms sweaty! maybe..

This is the weirdest one so far no doubt, and I also had a lot of fun with it....

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I didn't listen to this on headphones so the stereo field is kinda weird..... I'll leave it to the thread to decide if you guys want to, is this a bug or a feature? Should I go back and fix the panning or leave it as is?

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New Zelda tune isn't quite ready yet, but as an appetizer have these three Final Fantasy VI mixes from the recently completed contest!


#1 - Alexander's Courage (Blackjack Airship them)

URL: http://zazmusic.bandcamp.com/track/alexanders-courage

Named of course after the composer of the original Star Trek theme Alexander Courage. The reason why should be obvious for anyone familiar with the theme!

#2 - Tectonic Levitation (Floating Continent)

URL: http://zazmusic.bandcamp.com/track/tectonic-levitation

This one is LOUD. and distorted and kinda out of joint. To simulate the feeling of being on an unstable place... yeah.

#3 - The Face of Imperialism (The Ghestal Empire)

URL: http://zazmusic.bandcamp.com/track/the-face-of-imperialism

A pretty straightforward orchestral cover.

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Seven Years! The Title Screen


5/28/12 - Seven Years (Title Screen (


Fun fact: Seven Years is not only the amount of time Link spends in stasis in OoT, it's also roughly the amount of time since my arrangement Prelude was posted to the site. And here I am seven years later making another "Prelude" of sorts. It was also seven years roughly between Prelude being posted and the release of OoT. So Seven Years might be a good name for the project itself, come to think of it..

Another fun fact: The title screen music comes from the Warp Whistle tune in SMB3

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Missed yesterday cause I made the mistake of working on two tunes at the same time. SO today we'll either end up with Legend of Hyrule or Hyrule Castle Courtyard/Mini Game. We shall see!

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Alright it's a day late but I've got Hyrule Castle Courtyard/Mini Game theme coming down the pipeline

Edit: Oh damn am I two days late? I think I'll just have to double dip tomorrow cause it's way way late now

DOuble edit: Oh no now I'm missing Friday too - It's happening again!!! Double dip tomorrow then, it'll be worth it.

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Most likely! Among other things, I guess. Gotta get it as available as possible, no sense in anything else. I've floated some ideas about making it an official OCR album, waiting to hear back from the Deciders

There will be a way on Bandcamp to download all the available tracks as an album in a few days. Since yeah we're getting to the point where it's a hassle to download them all individually.

Anyway, still hacking away at the Legend of Hyrule. Can't tell if what I'm doing is great or idiotic, but you guys'll get to be the judges soon enough!

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