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OCR02355 - Wild Arms "Desirous Sacrifice"


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Nice! Sounds like something I'd hear right off Frequency radio! Sweet driving beat with a great melody that really does the original justice. Awesome work with the synths and the arrangement. The pacing and feel of this one is definitely a head-nodder and stays very true to the great electronica formula. Nice work.

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Ah, a more daring source for Jewbei this time. 6/8 + trance = any combination you want.

True to his style he keeps to his four-to-the-floor tendancies, and what he ended up doing with the source was concerting it to a 4/4 time signature. In a similar way to "Final Progression" and "Above the Clouds", as linked in the writeup, it starts out fairly well with referencing to the rhythmic components of the source material within the opening build as well as in segments that don't reference to the melody upfront. And the main melody managed to come on in full swing at around 2:20, showing the source while still playing strong to Jewbei's strengths as a trance musician. This progression managed to work throughout the track with all the details placed within the builds up and down to really amplify his skills within the genre, as well as being a very neat way to handle a not-quite-so-electronica-friendly source.

I can't be without criticisms though, suffice to say.

First off, I noticed moments of roughness during the buildup at around 1:45; I did hear that the automation on the sidechaining felt somewhat stuttering and struggling to react smoothly. That might be down to the output latency on the soundcard, and may seem a little glaring for some, but this incident only happened for about 15 seconds or so so it may be no big deal.

And on a similar note, I have to say I'm not really a fan of your acoustic guitar sample here. To me it comes off rather mechanical with no means of expression (not even any velocity alterations), and does kind of hurt the realism a bit. But I'll ride with it given the genre direction this has taken.

But in spite of this, it's a solid cut off the Wild Arms album, and we're glad to have seen Jewbei pull through with this effort for the set. With his transformation as an arranger this year, 2012 could only get brighter from here :)

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Oo, some fat beats from Jewbei! This track differs from some of his more formulaic trance material, and I like this divergence quite a lot. It keeps things interesting throughout with a good amount of variance and an intriguing soundscape that has the listener curious what is going to happen.

Love what is done here, it is my favorite Jewbei mix so far. Keep up the good work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02355 - Wild Arms "Desirous Sacrifice"

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