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OCR02397 - NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams "Lucid Dream, Latent Gate"


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I love it. It's great to see the (the sequel to the) first proper game I ever played getting some love. I must say, you can still hear th original song in there, which is good. Far too many remixes sound completely different, and while they are often awesome (especially on this site), sometimes you just want to hear a little different take on the track. The style is perfect for listening to in a dimly lit room, later in the evening (which just happens to be where I'm sitting right now). The voice in the background is odd and funny; "silly ideas start coming into your head anyway, and I just start listening to yellow submarine, yeah." HILARIOUS. The mixing and mastering sounds good to me, the sound is nicely proportioned considering what the song is trying to do. I love it!

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