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OCR02402 - Mega Man X8 "Winged Reploid (Revelation)"


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Sixto did a stellar job on this overlooked source. As tough as the game can be, X8 had some solid music and this source is a definite bright spot. Sixto took it and imbued a sense of ascension worthy of the final boss fight of the game.

There is some overcompression present in this version - I personally liked the more crisp versions I heard earlier, but that was Sixto's decision ultimately and I try to respect artist choice. The big guitars and the driving pace does a great job setting the tone for mayhem, and the drawn out notes help cement the otherworldly battle image.

Easily one of Sixto's best in my eyes, and an appropriate way to climax Maverick Rising with.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02402 - Mega Man X8 "Winged Reploid (Revelation)"

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