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I've been listening to music on this site for about a couple years now and I love all of the Megaman remixes on this site. As much as I love Megaman, I've always appreciated the Battle Network series the most. It has some amazing music in it just waiting to be remixed.

Anyway, my request is that someone do a remix of anything from MMBN1-4(Those are where I think the best music would come from). If someone would fulfill this request it would mean the world to me, because those games are my favorite out of everything that I've played.

Also I really don't mind the genre, It doesn't have to be techno like in the game, for instance on one of the battle network soundtracks there was a beautiful remix of the "Tree of Life" music.

Anyway, if you take this request have fun with it, you could even do a medley of multiple tracks, or you can choose one that really speaks out to you.

Lastly, and if choose another game I'll be fine with it, my favorite Battle network is number 3.

Thank you for your time, and I hope something wonderful comes out of this. :)

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I totally support this thread. The Battle Network Series has some awesome music, Two and Three especially. The Tree of Life Hospital music above is a great one, but there's also

The Main Theme/-MMBN1-3

Wily Computer-MMBN3


Sad Theme-MMBN3

Kotobuki Building Computer-MMBN 2.


Battle Network Six also had some good music that I can't really think of off the top of my head. Anything in any style from the Battle Network series would be pretty cool, there's currently nothing on OCReMix yet.

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Thanks for supporting the thread guys. :D Those remixes by NintenJoe64 are awesome, and Boundless network was one of my favorite BN1 tunes. Also, Numberman's stage was pretty sweet Servbot#36 posted some great music from the series too, and like he said. "Anything in any style from the Battle Network series would be pretty cool, there's currently nothing on OCReMix yet." :D

Edit: Can't stop listening to Kotobuki Building Computer. Thanks for reminding me about this one Servbot#36. :)

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Oh, yeah. I'd forgotten about that one. I never much liked the game itself, but the shop music-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKNaxnKUMVQ among others was pretty cool.

Also, I forgot to post a link to one of my favorite tunes, the only one found in every game, ACDC Town. It sounds slightly different in every game, but I think it sounds best in

Battle Network 3

and Battle Network 5

The ACDC tune is one of the best in my opinion, and it could probably be done in a lot of different styles.

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Digging this up from the grave a "bit". Was looking for remixes of this series myself and this was one of the top hits on google, figured I'd add to the thread with what I found, so that others who find this thread via google or otherwise have that much more.

These two albums stood out to me in my search;

MegaMusicMix - http://colis.jp/?page_id=388

My first trance mission!![ROCKMAN EXE2/Opening Theme]

Your Only Destiny[ROCKMAN EXE 2/You Can't Go Back]

WWW跡地 – ROCK Arr.[ROCKMAN EXE Transmission/WWW跡地の電脳世界]

Black * White[ROCKMAN EXE 3/Opening Theme]

Mega Xross MiXX - http://colis.jp/?page_id=708

VS. Gospel / ROCKMAN EXE2 Arrange:5*LEAF



Battle With Myself / ROCKMAN EXE4 Arrange:negi

Hometown / ROCKMAN EXE5 Arrange:3R2

Liberate Mission / ROCKMAN EXE5 Arrange:ice

The Black * White track can be heard in full on soundcloud and is crazy good, probably my favorite of all of these tracks. I actually love that it starts out kind of almost...generic in a sense, the memorable tune plays once softly, and then just BAM, the song just goes full ham. Love it, really feel like it did the tune justice.

Not sure where these albums could be bought from in full, but they are out there somewhere. They hit some of the major tracks I like at least, missing MMBN3 Sad Theme and MMBN2 Kotobuki, but the arranges, especially from the first album, really make up for that I think. Awesome stuff.

edit: Also of course, since the last activity in this thread, the OCR MM 25th Anniversary Album came out, which has a drop-dead amazing arrangement of the hometown theme on it, can't go without mentioning that!

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Here's a BRUTAL cover for you guys!!  MegaMan Battle Network 6's SURGE OF POWER!!!

I submitted a request to him via Patreon!  This is his second one for me!  The first one was R-Type 3's Stage 1 from the Super Nintendo!  This guy is a GUITAR GOD!!!

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Mega Man Battle Network has been remixed once in PRC, in round 202. The source was MMBN - Cold And Silent

That round had two sources, remixers could choose between them. The winning track of OneUp was a remix of the Mega Man Battle Network source, I don't know about the other entries, maybe they mixed the Mega Man source as well. You can find them here:


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I support this, the problem is, the music from MMBN3 onwards seemed very uninspired. I  LIVE and BREATHE MMBN, but there's a noticeable reduction of detail in the music and sprites from 3 onwards. I liked the challenge in 5 though and the idea of teaming up and playing as different NetNavi's

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