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LoZ Link to the past - Castle song remix. ('Hy-rule' in a castle)


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Very clever to have the "you suck at this game" noise as part of the beat (the low-heart count sound).

Personally, I hate that taunting, miserable noise...but it's effective here.

Overall I think this is a really clever mash up of a lot of the sounds of the game. You had me tapping my foot and feeling like I should rave, and you took that minor feel in just the right direction. I always liked this melody, and it works nicely the way you spun it.

If anything I would say it goes on too long - the reboot of the main theme at 4:20 ish sounds like it should have been the main theme. In my very humble opinion, you risk ear fatigue if you keep twisting with the theme around like that. I think it could have ended a bit sooner with a big ka-boom to greater effect.

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I've got to say I'm impressed. The 'get item' sample in particular, at around the 1:00 mark, worked surprisingly well, I actually went to replay that bit a few times just to see how you did it. Kudos on the transition into trance as well, I was so caught up in listening I barely even noticed hahaha.

I'd certainly like to see this on the frontpage, great job :)

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Great mix!

Overall, the drums need lots of variation, they're somewhat boring at the moment.

The part that begins at 4:13 until around 5:08 gets very repetitive. Try to vary it up or something.

I love where you go with the arrangement at 5:09 but it bothers me that you went back to the trance-y stuff at 5:22. In my opinion, continuing and ending with that section would have worked better.

Also, little pauses like the one around 3:04-3:05 seem off, maybe put some LttP sound effect in there?

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Ok got this work on for 2hour. I added some drum part, and added some transition. SFX were added.

And for the news! I got 2 songs in one. There is the full dub version which got the trancey part going through dubstep. This is the one worked on for the OCR.


There is this version DOWNLOADABLE AND FULLY TRANCEY END. It's mixable.


Edit: Hope you love this borgman ;)

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I don't know much about this style of music but I have a few comments:

- The "heavy" section starting at 1:00 (app.) feels a bit repetitive, since we've heard the low-life sound quite a bit, and there's nothing really interesting there. It becomes really cool when the lead kicks in though.

- The snare... I feel like it doesn't fit. It is too soft. You need a "harsher" snare for this song imo.

- The change to a faster pace is quite cool, but like someone said, it feels a bit repetitive.

Overall, I think this is quite a nice song. I'd mainly work on the repetitiveness and on the snare.

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Argh, sfx intro.

Some sound effects seem poorly placed or just too loud (3:12!) and mostly just cheese up the otherwise lactose-intolerant track.

Some weird transitions, lacking mids, the bitcrushed dubstep bass has a really tiring sound.

Do you really need the 4:13 dance part? A four on the floor beat in what's otherwise an often syncopated, uneven beat doesn't quite sit right. It's also quite empty, some arpeggio or riff or something would make it more interesting.

While less jarring, the same could be said about the 2:10 part.

The source is handled creatively enough, but the track doesn't quite seem to know what to do with itself. it's like you stitched together a few ideas that, tho fine on their own, didn't quite fit together. I don't think this would pass.

A more clear direction on what this track is supposed to do, where it's supposed to go and how to get there would probably push it over the bar. Whatever you do with it, good luck. :D

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