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Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness - History


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Got a wav from k-wix, also a wip from hakstock (again, welcome aboard). I want moar. MOAR!

And yes, I hold myself to this same wip date. I've made progress too, and have updated... myself, on my progress. :tomatoface:

note to self: mak's artist name, mak's track... anything else (besides that teaser thing) I should remember to do?

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Ok, so I was able to deliver the guitar track to Usa for FAITH TOTAL MACHINE and I think he can use it and finish the track.

Additionally, the song may come with a synth solo at the end. I'm well aware of the project's positions on synth electronica, but as he was/is an instrumental part of the project with the track itself having been quite difficult, it's not worth tossing off the project for a little synth solo at the end. We can let it slide (pun maliciously intended).

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As I've said before, synths themselves aren't all no-no, we've got a fair amount of tracks using synths (both simple and complex synth sounds) in a lot of different ways. The result is all that matters. I don't expect this track to turn into glitchy four on the floor chiptrance. ;)

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Apart from a synth lead sticking out a bit too much, I'm not sure what was ever wrong with it.

Also, since I'm writing, I recently came into remembering a long time ago I forged a semi-connection with a band called "Playground Etiquette" and I nearly did some work for them some years ago. I may consider contacting them and see if their interested in joining the project.

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Finally replied to rBrn and hakstock. Holding off on k-wix' reply until I get to talk to Meteo. I spent most of last week on summer camp, now spending a couple of days sick and then the rest of the week back at camp. I'll talk to Meteo after that.

In the mean time, we still have open tracks, and we'd like to finish this thing asap. We are open to newbs trying out as well, and we'll provide feedback for your track acording to how it fits ocr and/or the album (to the best of our knowledge). Any takers?

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rBrn just turned in his final for Decision Bell and it is abso-fucking-lutely amazing. This album is going to be saturated in epic orchestra and we're all the better for it. Put him down as final, Roz.

Instant win, rBrn! :)

Thanks. I have to say though, that track was somehow insanely difficult to put together. Glad that it worked out ok in end. :-)

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I am ALIVE, but will be out of town for a few days. When I get back, though, wooo watch out!

Can't wait to hear rBm's Decision Bell track! The source is one of my favorites from the soundtrack, and having listened to rBm's other works, everything just adds up to awesomeness in my book.

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On a less exciting note, I just finished one of my mixes for this album. Or at least, I wrote the ending and bounced to file. I guess that means I'm finally half way done with it. ;)

As for the rest of you, lemme know if I've missed something you've sent me. With 2-18 being some mixing polish and spuming from being done, we're one step closer to completely done.

Oh right, preview, mak's track, etc..

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How would you not like it?

If you did a poopy-ass job, that's how! How about instead of asking poopy-ass questions, you just DO ET? I kid. ;-) But here it is.

101 Not Awaken - Usa

103 Ordinary People - Archangel

104 Whiz Kid - Jago

108 Witchmakers - Archangel

109 Another Winter - Abadoss

110 Ancient Dolphin - Archangel

112 Raven - Mozzaratti, Rozovian

113 Damn Damn Drum - Harmony, Level99, LuIzA

114 Innocent Sea - k-wix

115 Swivel - Sam English

116 Oh I'm a Flamelet - Brandon Strader

117 Evening Star - Brandon Strader

118 Don't Hunt the Fairy - Sam English

119 Fable - Chris | Amaterasu - name plz

203 Harvest November - mak

204 Few Paths Forbidden - DarkeSword

205 Female Turbulence - Jeffrey Hayat

207 Different Road - zyko

208 Powell - Karth, Meteo Xavier

209 Political Pressure - HoboKa

211 Positive - Meteo Xavier

213 Closed Garden - Meteo Xavier, Jeremy Robson

214 Splash Hop - The OverClocked Plaid Muffins

215 Innocent Water - Emunator, Ergosonic

216 Delicate Affection - TheDeath

217 Three of Darkside - The Joker

301 Can You Fly, Sister? - Jovette Rivera

305 Weird Counterpoint - Rexy

306 Rolling Cradle - Jago

308 High Tension Wire - Nutritious

309 And Other - TheDeath

310 Electric Talk - Reuben Cornell - name plz

311 Religion Thunder - Mozzaratti

312 Angel's Fear - Jovette Rivera, ISAO

- Hylian Lemon

313 The Sacrifice part I - Dj Mokram

314 The Sacrifice part II - Theophany

315 The Sacrifice part III - Mozzaratti

317 Farewell Song - pu_freak

318 Breezin - Willrock

320 Long Goodbye - Meteo Xavier

rsn#61 Flight From the Holy Land - Sixto Sounds

rsn#63 Level Up! - mak

106 Axe Bring Storm - the Dual Dragons

107 Little Sweet Cafe - audio fidelity, flutetopia

202 Person's Die - ilp0

206 Intolerance - The Dual Dragons

210 Nuclear Fusion - The Dual Dragons

212 Meridian Child - beckett007

219 Obsession - The Dual Dragons

305 Weird Counterpoint - Daniel Rosenqvist

218 Last Audience - Rozovian

rsn#65 Sleeping - hakstock

102 Where Angels Fear to Tread - HoboKa, Archangel

105 Walls and Steels - pu_freak

111 Hope Isolation Pray - k-wix

201 Left-Handed Wolf - LuIzA, zyko

221 Frenzy - SuperiorX

302 Decision Bell - rBrn

303 Secret of Mana - Dj Mokram

304 Faith Total Machine - Usa

319 Return to Forever - Archangel

105 Walls and Steels -

201 Left-Handed Wolf -

220 Strange Medicine -

304 Faith Total Machine -

307 Black Soup -

316 Reincarnation -

rsn#66 Pihyara Flute

John Revoredo, Jormungand... and so many others... you guys are great... but where's you go?

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