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Seiken Densetsu 3: Songs of Light and Darkness - History


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Last Update: 2007-02-12 @ 21:49 [GMT+1]


Hello together ^^

We proudly present you a remix project that covers the soundtrack of the famous SNES action RPG, "Seiken Densetsu 3" aka "Secret of Mana 2".

We both liked Kikuta's music that plays during the the game very much, and there haven't been many remixes out there on the net, so we think it's about time to start something interesting to change this. We named our starting project "Songs of Light and Darkness" because the game featured a day/night system and the light/dark job system. The different job classes give a major impact, as well.

I am the project's main coordinator, while TheDeath is co-coordinator!

For your convenience, we have added the complete numbered track listing. We are still looking for interested mixers for the open tracks. Feel free to PM us if you want to join the fun!

Download the complete SPC-Soundtrack (now corrected!!!)

(an SPC-Player is required. You can download it here)

NEW: Visit the project website here, and don't forget to sign up for the discussion boards there! ^_^


CURRENT TRACKLIST (95% filled out)

1-01 Not Awaken (Usa)

1-02 Where Angels Fear to Tread (Sinewav?)

1-03 Ordinary People (Jormungand)

1-04 Whiz Kid (OA)

1-05 Walls and Steels (k-wix) Got no WIP at all yet, despite the fact that he wanted to do one since this got started

1-06 Axe Bring Storm (MagiNinjA)

1-07 Little Sweet Cafe (Usa)

1-08 Witchmakers (Jormungand)

1-09 Another Winter (Abadoss)

1-10 Ancient Dolphin (Sixto)

1-11 Hope Isolation Pray (silas)

1-12 Raven (andyjayne)

1-13 Damn Damn Drum (OverCoat)

1-14 Innocent Sea (Monobrow)

1-15 Swivel (widukynd)

1-16 Oh I'm a Flamelet (Monobrow)

1-17 Evening Star (Outworlder, Chagall)

1-18 Don't Hunt the Fairy (andyjayne)

1-19 Fable (KungFuChicken!, Ross Kmet)

2-01 Lefthanded Wolf (Sinewav, Sixto)

2-02 Person's Die (Wiesty)

2-03 Harvest November (Robotaki)

2-04 Few Paths Forbidden (DarkeSword) OMG! Missed the last two WIP deadlines!

2-05 Female Turbulence (Prometheus)

2-06 Intolerance (Junkmonkey) I need to hear from you ASAP!

2-07 Different Road (Eon_Blue)

2-08 Powell (Less Ashamed Of Self)

2-09 Political Pressure (Holy Warrior Azar) Hasn't checked back in a while

2-10 Nuclear Fusion (Dahlia)

2-11 Positive (Fusion2004)

2-12 Meridian Child (Prometheus)

2-13 Closed Garden (Jormungand)

2-14 Splash Hop (silas)

2-15 Innocent Water (Steve Pordon)

2-16 Delicate Affection (TheDeath)

2-17 Three of Darkside (The Joker)

2-18 Last Audience (Usa, Junkmonkey) Please tell us if you still want to collab on me with that!

2-19 Obsession (Sixto)

2-20 Strange Medicine (CPacaud) Please, please please get back to us about your stauts, ASAP!

2-21 Frenzy (Prometheus)

3-01 Can You Fly, Sister?

3-02 Decision Bell (Tenkuu)

3-03 Secret of Mana (Tensei-San)

3-04 Faith Total Machine (Usa, TheDeath, Sixto, CPacaud) Please, CPacaud, get back to us about this one!

3-05 Weird Counterpoint (Zi.Dake)

3-06 Rolling Cradle (Outworlder, Chagall)

3-07 Black Soup (tweek)

3-08 High-Tension Wire (TheTrilobyte)

3-09 And Other (TheDeath)

3-10 Electric Talk (MagiNinjA)

3-11 Religion Thunder (Strike911)

3-12 Angel's Fear (Rexy)

3-13 Sacrifice, Part One (Steve Pordon)

3-14 Sacrifice, Part Two (Steve Pordon)

3-15 Sacrifice, Part Three (Prometheus)

3-16 Reincarnation (Sixto)

3-17 Farewell Song (Alastair) We need to hear from you!

3-18 Breezin (xaNax)

3-19 Return to Forever (Junkmonkey) If you really want this, please tell us!

3-20 Long Goodbye (Junkmonkey)

Red tracks are free to take ^-^

Purple tracks are free to take as well, because lack of activity on them.

Black tracks are without feedback so far.

Green tracks are worked on right now.

Blue tracks are finished.



Chagall, Outworlder (Evening Star)

Chagall, Outworlder (Rolling Cradle)

CPacaud (Strange Medicine)

Dahlia (Nuclear Fusion)

Eon_Blue (Different Road)

Fusion2004 (Positive)

Jormungand (Closed Garden)

Jormungand (Witchmakers)

k-wix (Walls and Steels)

MagiNinjA (Electric Talk)

Monobrow (Oh I'm a Flamelet)

Prometheus (Meridian Child)

silas (Hope Isolation Pray)

Sinewav, Sixto (Lefthanded Wolf)

Steve Pordon (Innocent Water)

Steve Pordon (Sacrifice, Part One)

Tensei-San (Secret of Mana)

Tenkuu (Decision Bell)

tweek (Black Soup)

Pre-WIP (Already started, but no public WIP yet)

Alastair (Farewell Song)

Less Ashamed Of Self (Powell) No title ATM

MagiNinjA (Axe Bring Storm) No title ATM

Prometheus (Sacrifice, Part Three) No title ATM

Rexy (Angel's Fear) No title ATM

silas (Splash Hop) No title ATM

Usa (Faith Total Machine) No title ATM

Usa (Little Sweet Cafe) No title ATM

Usa, Junkmonkey (Last Audience) No title ATM

1st WIP | Deadline 15. NOVEMBER 2005

Steve Pordon (Sacrifice, Part Two) No title ATM

widukynd (Swivel) No title ATM

1st WIP Feedback

DarkeSword (Few Paths Forbidden) "Little Winged Lady"

Junkmonkey (Intolerance) No title ATM

Junkmonkey (Return to Forever) "The Long Goodbye"

OverCoat (Damn Damn Drum) "DDD"

TheTrilobyte (High-Tension Wire) "Hypertension"

2nd WIP | Deadline 15. FEBRUARY 2006


2nd WIP Feedback

andyjayne (Don't Hunt the Fairy) "Awoke the Fairy, Untouched, Unharmed"

Holy Warrior Azar (Political Pressure) "Unmoved by Oppressive Behaviour"

Jormungand (Ordinary People) "An Ordinary Mana Holy Day"

KungFuChicken!, Ross Kmet (Fable) "Mana Fable"

Strike911 (Religion Thunder) "Let the Winds Come"

Zi.Dake (Weird Counterpoint) No title ATM

3rd WIP | Deadline 12. JUNE 2006

Eon_Blue (Different Road) No title ATM

Wiesty (Person's Die) No title ATM

3rd WIP Feedback

andyjayne (Raven) Albino Raven

Monobrow (Innocent Sea) No title ATM

OA (Whiz Kid) "Lilac Breeze"

Sixto (Ancient Dolphin) No title ATM

xaNax (Breezin) "Breeze through the Highway"

4th WIP | Deadline 12. OCTOBER 2006


4th WIP Feedback

Abadoss (Another Winter)

Robotaki (Harvest November) No title ATM

5th WIP | Deadline 12. OCTOBER 2006


5th WIP Feedback


Last Check


Complete Remixed

Sixto (Obsession) No title ATM

Sixto (Reincarnation) No title ATM

TheDeath (And Other) "More and More Powerful!"

TheDeath (Delicate Affection) "The Unleashing of the Mana Sword"

The Joker (Three of Darkside) "Watching The Abyss"

Usa (Not Awaken) "In the Beginning There Was SQUARE"


Here are the banners for our remixers. These two are basicially the same.



We ask the participating musicians that no one releases a finished song to the public before the project is finished. It would be less of a surprise, then. Please keep your work to yourself for that time. After the project has been be released, feel free to post your mix where ever you want ^_^

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Wow, all these new projects popping up all the time...

But unlike in the past, nowadays people actually already have lots of good remixers signed up when they announce their project!

The music in SD3 is marvelous and I already can't wait for this project to be completed. :D

Good luck to you and all the remixers!

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Damn, Innocent Sea taken...well, I'll listen through the soundtrack tonight and see if all the gems are taken already :P

I see Ancient Dolphin (Mirage Palace), Rolling Cradle (Bill/Ben), Person's Die (I dunno, but it sounds good. :) ), Left-Handed Wolf (Beast Kingdom), and Weird Counterpoint (Dragon's Hole) are still open.

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I'm interested in doing a mix of '1-18 Don't Hunt The Fairy' but it does depend on how quickly I can get settled in at uni. Also I'm working on a mix for another project so I may be pushed to meet the first WIP deadline, but after all it is only the first one.

I'd probably try and stick with the 'cute' sound, but it'd be a first attempt at 'cute' sounding music for me. Anyway, I can't promise I'll get it done for the deadline but you can put me down :).

Interesting...someone with an opposing music style to mine :) OK, I put you up!

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