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OCR TF2 Server - Anyone interested in trying out TF2 should join us!


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Alright so if you're not a part of the OCR TF2 server group, ask me for an invite!

Also, there is a discussion thread on the group on whether to turn off tf_ctf_bonus_time, aka the bonus crits after each time an intel is capped, so go comment there!

For custom maps - I recommend you grab them from http://bahamutwc.com/tf/maps/ . It will allow you to play custom maps with confidence without the download wait, and allow other people who haven't grabbed them to grab them at faster speeds. I would like to continue testing them so we can get down to a good core set of custom maps to add to the official list.

To spice things up, every other week, I will set the starting map for the server as a different custom map to encourage downloads and to test them out - the current default map is ctf_crypt_rc1. I also have added cp_antiquity_rc1 and pl_repository_rc3 to the regular map voting list.

Lastly, I added a vote scramble plugin to SourceMod. Just type !votescramble or votescramble in chat to activate it.

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I also cut down on the list of maps on the server just now.

Edit: Also added/adding a few more maps to the custom map list.

Edit #2: WARNING - if the cp_pony_fortress_rc3 map is ever chosen, PLEASE download it in advance. It is 164 MB uncompressed. I put it on the server mostly for the bronies who do visit, although I'm a bit skeptical it'd be a map people really would want due to its size.

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Hot damn that's some good work. I did what may be laughably called pixel art for a project this semester. Specifically, I had the world's simplest explosion sprite (a solid circle that vanished from within) that I wanted to add a border to. Ended up drawing a 1px border around the outside and inside of each frame, 60 frames total. Never again.

tl;dr mad props to kami

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