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OCR TF2 Server - Anyone interested in trying out TF2 should join us!


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I exaggerate because it is funnier. You're killing the funnies, man.

I got that, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to go along or be serious. Obviously trying to split the difference failed. And now we've explained the joke, thus ruining it. I knew this would all end in tears.


Only one custom made it in for testing tonight, cp_mainline. While the layout isn't bad, it suffers from very few pickups for its size and, I would argue, a little too much ground to cover to get to the action. Also, there are 2 spots we found where a sentry can lock down both entrances; worse yet, the platform above mid point seems to deliberately encourage doing so. Given that the current version is 2 years old, an update to fix its issues seems unlikely. Voting to scrap it.

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What's all this, then.

Oh, I see. Neat idea, but needs work in the implementation. For example, I'm fairly confident there's a few decent crates hidden in there, but there's no way to search by series, so good luck finding them. Obviously the kind of thing a beta is for.

I look forward to seeing where this goes. The idea of some dodgy little scamp supporting his gaming habit by shrewdly buying and selling hats is rather novel.

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Huh, you're right. backpack.tf has strange huntsman at ~20 keys, which is ~$50 instead of the ~$60 that I recall from last time I checked. Woo?

In other news, "when I get buy"? Did I seriously type that? Excuse me for a moment, I'll be in the corner being ashamed of myself.

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Hey, this week kicked my ass too and yet I still hopped on, albeit for not as late as I would have liked. Seeing the Hobbit the night before and coming in for work yesterday was brutal.

I handed out a LOT of goodies last night though. A Strange Holiday Punch, Deadliest Duckling, Archimedes, Strange Scattergun, Strange Sticky Bomb Launcher, Strange Flamethrower, and one other item that escapes me...and also unleashed two Pile 'O Gifts.

Next Friday I want to hold a snow map night - the only maps on the normal voting list will be snowy maps (e.g. cp_coldfront, koth_viaduct, pl_buzzards_canyon_xmas, cp_buzzards_canyon_xmas, etc.). If you know of any snowy custom maps you'd like the server to try out, link'em here or message me asap!

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Hey. Joined a couple weeks ago, but didn't post 'till now. I'm lazy, I know :lol:.

Last night I wound up getting a new Strange Tomislav for 8 weapons (Less than one reclaimed metal, and most go for several refined), and I already have 86 kills with it.

Oh, and does anyone want a blutsauger? I have 2, and I like my Crusaders Crossbow.

Baha, thanks for the gifts. I was able to trade the eviction notice you gave me for the Tomi.

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Sorry to double post, but this is quite relevant for regulars: if you are having trouble downloading custom maps, you can grab them ahead of time here: http://bahamutwc.com/tf/maps/

The tentative list of wintry/Christmas themed type maps for Friday is as follows:





















If I am omitting other great candidates for Christmas time, list'em!

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I seem to be encountering a 500 Internal Server Error, Bahamut. Also I can't seem to download new maps in-game, either. It may just be me though, so I'll check back later.

It wasn't just you, that map pkmn_goldenrodcity_b2 turns out to have been corrupted. I apologize for that, I removed it from the maplist & server.

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I seem to be encountering a 500 Internal Server Error, Bahamut. Also I can't seem to download new maps in-game, either. It may just be me though, so I'll check back later.

Same map problem for me too. I was trying to get on the other day while Baha was testing the maps, and it wouldn't download for me, either.

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Sorry I haven't been online pretty much at all, but my laptop's power connection thingy has turned out to be pretty loose, so while it's still functional it's out of commission on the grounds that plugging it in doesn't actually register. (Unless the cord is pressed just so, which can't really be maintained at the same time as doing anything else.)

I may be able to play occasionally from my friend's desktop, but it'll be intermittent at best.

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