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All four of my Mann Up victories have been me rolling the Scout.

Self -> Move Speed is the second upgrade I purchase in the game. I buy resistances tailored to what we're facing -> explosives for demo and soldier, flame for pyro, bullet for Heavy. If your team is good enough, you'll be picking up money fast enough to make health regen pointless. If your team is not that good, you won't win anyway.

FaN -> Upgraded last or second to last. Generally clip size or damage.

Mad Milk -> Giving it slow is the first purchase I do in the game. As the game pushes on, I'll max out recharge time reduction, ESPECIALLY if it's scout-heavy

Fan o War -> No upgrades at all. Use the increased move speed to dart in, whack a priority target, dart out.

Overall, just pop a few shots in a clusterfuck, make it a priority to collect money, and circle behind the swarms and meatshot things like Medics and Snipers. Lining up a good shot on the multi-medic giants can let you take out all the medics while the giant is busy trying to take out the heavy from a distance.

Overall MvM Loot: Demo battery bandoleer, Sniper Robot Fedora. Neither are things I want but eh.

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Been busy making stupid source film shorts. Also my router had decided to block incoming information on the 27015 port for a while, which is apparently why I couldn't join any outside servers. Strange.

Also Brushfire that's not the Super Sport version of the Veyron.

Also do the forums have a youtube embed feature? Anyone know?

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I just want to say that if you play Demo in MvM, and you don't use the Loch n Load, you are missing out on the number one murdercannon in that mode.

Equip the ScoRes for popping medic groups and getting some big chunks off on the tank as they roll out, pump -all- your cash into the LnL (I do Reload Speed, then Firing Speed & Clip Size, then Ammo) and you will decimate anything.

It is wild fun to see a huge pack of scouts or demoknights drop down, point your 10-round rapidfire grenade launcher at it, and just watch them all EXPLODE.

Now to just get my 6th and final mission done for my first Botkiller weapon, hopefully.

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In the small amount of time I've spent with it, I think I enjoyed Heavy the most. Once you start getting upgraded, it's like those times that you stand there and wipe out half the enemy team, only multiplied by ten. :D

I'm having a ton of fun with engineer myself. Either fully upgrading buildings and my wrench attack speed to turn into unstoppable death machines (poetic given the situation), or upgrading my Frontier Justice into a revenge-crit-boosted deathblossom launcher.

Upgraded dispenser range also works well with damage-resistant heavies! :D

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