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Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

Dave the Rave

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We have more tracks announced! We now have a Shinobi track, a new Billy Hatcher track & finally a new House of the Dead track. According to tssznews, we currently have 19 tracks announced. The names of the said tracks so far are…


After Burner – Carrier Zone

OutRun – OutRun Bay

Sonic Colours – Galactic Parade

Sonic & Knuckles – Sky Sanctuary

Sonic & Knuckles - Death Egg ( From Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing)

Sonic Heroes – Ocean View

Sonic Heroes – Roulette Road (From Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing)

Golden Axe – Adder’s Lair

Shinobi – Seasonal Shrines

Panzer Dragoon – Dragon Canyon

NiGHTS into Dreams – Dream Valley

The House of the Dead – Graveyard Gig

Skies of Arcadia – Rouges Landing

Samba de Amigo – Samba Studio

Samba de AmigoSunshine Tour (From Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing)

Jet Set Radio – Graffiti City

Jet Set Radio Future – Shibuya Downtown (From Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing)

Billy Hatcher – Chilly Castle

Super Monkey Ball – Temple Trouble

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is just DAYS AWAY from being released! Depending on which version your getting, the release dates are as follows…

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Europe November 16, 2012

US November 20, 2012

Wii U

US November 18, 2012

Europe November 30, 2012

Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita

Europe November 16, 2012

US December 11, 2012

Microsoft Windows, iOS



Oh and two last things I should mention. There’s a

that basically demonstrates how the Wii U version is gonna play and finally, Pudding from Space Channel 5 joins the roster.

So who’s looking forward to this game? I know I am!

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Picked this up on Friday for the Xbox 360- and at a nice price too! The first game was my favourite kart racer; this is just plain one of the best racers I've played. The soundtrack amazing, the actual racing is nice and weighty and a lot tighter than the first one. There's 10x the amount of single player content, and the transforming mechanic is brilliant. With the rules of the road changing every 30 seconds or so, racing strategies need to be adjusted on the fly, and each vehicular state is as great as the other. Which is a relief, as I was pretty nervous about this aspect of the game - I did not want to be hanging out for the next transformation sequence purely because one state was weaker or less polished than another. I cannot recommend it enough. ESPECIALLY if your a Sega fan. My first runs on the NiGHTS and Burning Rangers courses near damned brought me to tears. And it was especially awesome to see DiGi Valentine and TRiPPY's names up there in the credits sequence! DiGi has been teasing me for ages about how much I was gonna love Transformed. Well, kudos my friend, you were right!

I don't know if it still feels like a kart racer, it's more like an OutRun 2/Hydro Thunder/Afterburner hybrid on hardcore love drugs. Which is fine by me.

Can't wait to hear of everyone else's experiences with Transformed. I'd say it's a Mario Kart killer, but like I said, it feels less of a kart racer now. Either way, it's brilliant.

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Are you disappointed with the current roster of characters of this game? Is there any character(s) you really wanted to be in this, but didn’t make the cut? WELL YOUR IN LUCK!!


Steve Lycett of SUMO Digital (otherwise known as S0L on the interwebs) has opened a challenge to the fans to vote which they want to be in the game. The top 3 characters with the most votes will/might appear as DLC. For more details about this, such as rules and all that, simply click here.

You have until Dec 1st to cast your vote. HAPPY VOTING FOLKS!

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I got this game (and a new PS3, since the old is broken) for Christmas. So far, I'm really enjoying this game. For the most part, it pretty much blew the first one out of the water.

Oh and before I forget, the results for the DLC challenge are as follows...

1) Ryo from Shenmue

2) Hatsune Miku

3) Segata Sanshiro

Sorry for not telling you the results sooner. But still, thanks for voting.

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I'm so glad they included DANICKA PATRICK. Gamers are well-known progressive NASCAR fans and boy do we love our immersion-breaking characters.

On another note, this is easily my favorite Wii U game. I love trying to do the challenges on expert. I've been able to power through except for the traffic challenges. Those are only possible on Hard.. that's what I choose to believe.

It's also nice that everyone has their own screen in 2-player races.

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