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Have you ever cried from a game?


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Metroid NES... the music would just bum me out feeling like I'm drifting through space ready to implode any moment. My only friends were these aliens that wanted to eat me alive & I would always get lost or fall onto something painful (lost because I had to sneak over to a friends house to play it since I didn't have games at home). Then I would have to squeeze myself into the fetal position in a claustrophobic slimy tube while exploding myself...

Close-to-tear-encounter would be Secret of Mana... Mother drops him off at a crazy village, they raise him then kick him out, and they are attacked by monsters... it just gets better and better

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What about OoT? That one almost still gets me every time. The end of that game makes me so sad that it's over. It's such a bittersweet ending. Some of the best storytelling, I love it.

Oh my GOSH.

Again, I've never cried during a game but that ending is almost killer how good they finished it. Cinematically, if they had done with the same time of musical feel, then I may have ended up crying. It's harder to cry over low computer graphics.

But the way they ended it and then the CREDITS song. The beginning just gets me every time. It wasn't some like bittersweet ending and then big intro to the credits song. It literally blended perfectly with how the ending was. The game ends and then it goes into this ridiculously fake yet somehow beautiful soft and quiet harp intro. Gets me every time.

I also care about a game more because of gameplay rather than graphics or story. Though a story is always useful and make a game that much better if done right. ;D

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