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Have you ever cried from a game?


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Final Fantasy 6 got me a few times.

The end of Earthbound, even though I knew that the 'you might not survive even if you win' plan would of course not work out that way, I entered that battlefield with blurred vision. Oh, and passing Poo's test for the first time.

Chrono Trigger, when I fixed up Robo after he'd worked himself to near-destruction saving the forest. And losing Lucca's mom because I didn't figure the puzzle out.

In FF9, Freya's meeting Sir Fratley and his completely forgetting her might have, I don't remember. I remember feeling bad about it, anyway.

I trust we're not talking tears of frustration, are we? In that case, most nintendo-hard games I really seriously tried.

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wait wat? BL2?

IF you know the story of BL1 as you go through BL2 there will be some incidents/events that quite frankly will bring a tear to your eye. Or if you're just that vindictive a laugh.

I cant and wont spoil given the game is so new but trust there are points you're gonna just want to unload every round in your mag in rage and anger.

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Oh, and passing Poo's test for the first time.

Yes! It certainly was counter intuitive to tell a boss to please go ahead and rip my arms off and feed them to crows... and blind me... and then possess my mind.

Giving my mind over so freely really stuck with me after that. I didn't want to answer no but deep in my heart, I knew that's what I would say if I was in that situation.

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So how about it? Has a game ever gotten you to tears? I remember when I was younger Final Fantasy 10 got me teary around the end of the game.

Glad to know I wasn't the only one that cried at the end of FFX. I just honestly didn't think Tidus would disappear, because he was one of the main heroes of the game. I guess I'm just too used to seeing happy endings. It caught me off guard. And then I was also sad because I spent a lot of time playing that game, and to know it was coming to an end was very sad.

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Okay, I've been trying to avoid this thread because I don't want to burden you all with a 3 page list. I haven't necessarily cried, but I get that major choked-up thing going on. I will only list a few big ones for me though, because everyone else has already put down a ton that dehydrated me.

999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors - the very end bit.

Virtue's Last Reward - the endings of about 3 of the characters totally killed me

Radiant Historia - there were a lot of sad ones happening throughout this game, particularly if you don't unlock several of the endings (which I didn't on my first playthrough)

Pretty much every Final Fantasy I have played has got me to be really sad at at least one point in the game (particularly Aeris in 7 and Tidus is 10, and maybe I'm touched in the head but Brahne in 9).

Someone already mentioned this one but it was really sad to me - Every time a character joins you in Valkyrie Profile. Damn, every time it pushed me that much closer to clinical depression.

When I was little I was cut up when Zero died in MMX5. This was before I realized that he dies and returns every other game.

When Carl finds out about his dad's puppet in Blazblue Continuum Shift and when Lambda 11 dies in the end (she was my favorite character too!)

I probably got choked up a few times over the duration of the Phoenix Wright series (I know, I'm pathetic) but in the very end of Trials and Tribulations with everyone's favorite coffee drinking prosecutor....

I know, I'm a bitch. Thing is I don't even think I've scratched the surface. At least I can say though that I save all my tears for the games I play, because nothing else gets to me nearly as much as games do.... That's something, right?

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Can't emphasize this enough. A couple games have made me tear up but To the Moon made me bawl like a baby. Everybody play this.

Just played through it yesterday, and my reaction can best be summarized as follows:


Characters were flat and uninteresting, music all sounded the same, controls were clunky.

The plot in general was fantastic, but the game really did not live up to its potential.

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Wow, didn't even think of that. okay I didn't mean that end bit (though i don't think shedding a tear at finding someone like that in the middle of the desert is too abnormal...) What I meant to say though was the final puzzle in the true ending, but upon further consideration, I would also say that the ending you need to get before you can get the true ending concerning the safe was also super sad (It's hard to say what i mean without spoilers).

And yes, the bench. And that freaking song. Shit, that was my favorite part in the game with my favorite character! I guess I like getting choked up.

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every zelda game i've ever played


but especially that moment at the end of Ocarina of Time when link and zelda meet again in the courtyard outside of Hyrule Castle and the realization hits you that fated paths cross no matter how much you twist and contort time.



I recently came across this, and it damn near got a tear out of me:


To be honest, the moment in Skyword Sword in which Zelda sealed herself away really got to me when I first played it. The games generally get better and better at engaging the heart, even if the gameplay doesn't necessarily evolve all that much.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Explorers of Time the end is just too sad

Oh god, this. It's especially potent in Explorers because of how the ending drags it's feet and because of the music that the game plays during those cutscenes.

is definitely one of the saddest things to ever be spawned by a Pokemon game, though that may be because I first heard it in the game.
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