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Punchfest 18!


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PUNCHFEST 18 is scheduled for SUNDAY AUGUST 12st AT 2PM EST(11AM PST)!




Originally Tibone had selected a fantastic theme for PUNCHFEST but I want to save that one for yet even another time (TRUST ME TIBONE NEXT TIME WILL BE IT I SWEAR!).

Any game on any platform that was released in 1995 is good. No re-releases and no ports! This is the first in a series of "year" themes that I'm gonna stagger around the next 10 or so PUNCHFESTS. Winner of a year theme picks the next year.


NEW TO PUNCHFEST!? Basically it's a video game remix/arrangement/cover/yourmom contest that's held on the date above and follows the rules below.


To participate, install an IRC client (mIRC works well) and come into #punchfest on irc.esper.net!



- The time between now and PUNCHFEST is just so you can find a song you like. DO NOT START WORKING ON IT UNTIL THE PUNCHFEST BEGINS!

- You will have 6 hours to complete your song once we start. Do whatever you want once the thing starts, but when the 6 hour time limit is up you must have submitted something.

- You can use anything you want musically. Live instruments, just MIDI, trackers. Just make sure you submit an MP3 file of whatever it is you did.

- No minimum song length requirement.

- Submission is not anonymous!


- VOTING IS BACK!!!! That's right! Voting is back. I realized that when we had voting, I cared a lot more and I worked a lot harder. When we got rid of voting I found myself wasting 5 hours of PUNCHFEST playing games or whatever and then spending the last hour crapping out some lame entry. I have a feeling that a lot of you feel the same way, voting will surely light a fire under our asses!!!

{:-> BONUS <-:}


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What the heck is this? Wish i saw it earlier.

I'm really tempted to give it a try.

So once I find a song to work on i'm on the honor(sorry, honour) system not to do anything with it until Sunday? Or is there something on IRC that will guarantee no one cheats?

Yes, honor system. The point of this is to hone your skills and have fun going crazy trying to put a song together. The time limit of 6 hours is plenty of time for some people to get a complete song done, for others it's not even enough time to get 30 seconds of basic tracks done. In the end all that matters is that you have fun making music with a bunch of people. We thoroughly enjoy every song we listen to, and to this day I don't think anyone has cheated, since that takes away the very essence of what PUNCHFEST is about.

But I mean, if you're someone who takes months to get a 3 minute song together for some OCR project and you give me a complete 3-4 minute song in 6 hours, I'll be suspicious.

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Awesome Punchfest to those who were there.

I had no idea i could complete anything within 6 hours. Still a long ways from a one hour compo.

For those that couldn't make it here was what i did. Fixes to come and it may or may not go up on youtube.


Looking forward to the next one.

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Spectacular PUNCHFEST! as always! Thanks to everyone who made it. I was really busy today doing 10 different things at once but I still managed to get a song done. I should have a finished version of it up within a couple days.

Anyway, thanks again, and if you were new to this magfest I hope you "caught the bug" and will be back for more.

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Are the entries being centrally hosted anywhere, or do we just have to hope participants link they're tracks from here? Or maybe they'd be in the chatlog?

As several people mentioned, so many great games from 1995; I'd love to see what was covered and hear everyone's work.

Would have loved to participate, too. Stupid Afghans and their messed up clocks and internet and stuff.

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