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MEGA MAN 11 soundtrack project - officially released! (29 tracks + art + goodies for free!)


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website : http://mm11.xavierdang.com

ALBUM DOWNLOAD : http://xavierdang.bandcamp.com

Youtube playlist :


The Mega Man 11 soundtrack project (MM11SP) is a 26-track album with bonus tracks of about 45

minutes in length.

The idea came from Xavier 'mv' Dang, a video game composer and also known for his

remixes, who wanted to make a full NES soundtrack and pay tribute to this incredible series that CAPCOM

seems to have left aside, despite its imminent 25th anniversary.

While it was clear that no video game would be developed to avoid any conflict of interest, Xavier took the

liberty of contacting artists to provide artwork for the robot masters, which are the key elements of each

Mega Man game.

The project took about 8 months to complete and is about to be released, it will feature :


23 tracks in FLAC, MP3 ; as well as native formats such as FamiTracker and NSF.


5 tracks (covers & remixes)


artwork, pixel art, portraits for each robot master. CD cover, wallpaper, and goodies such as .SIM files for StepMania.


Once the listening party will be finished on Twitch, the main website will be updated with all relevant links

and information.

Many videos featuring the tracks and artwork will be released on Xavier's Youtube channel

( http://youtube.com/xavierdang )

The album itself will be released on Bandcamp ( http://xavierdang.bandcamp.com/ ), in a free « pay

what you want » format. However - due to to the limit of free downloads, and if there aren't donations to

buy more free slots – the main website will also propose a mega ZIP file with the album in MP3 192kbps

format and artwork/extras.

Here are some older videos that were published a few months ago to

tease the project. Thank you very much for your time !

(Sound Man BGM)

(Teaser trailer)

(Hammer Man BGM)

- Xavier 'mv' Dang


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Erm.. what happens if Capcom makes a MM11?

Well, this is by no means a threat to the games or whichever, it'll remain a fun side/fan tribute. I however doubt that we'll see some classic Mega Man anytime soon, despite the 25th anniversary approaching :(

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

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The album is out! :)


It is absolutely free (you can enter 0 and leave an email address) even though donations will help buying more free download spots on Bandcamp.

You can download it in FLAC or MP3 and you will have access to a lot of bonus art, covers, wallpaper and NSF file! The main website ( http://mm11.xavierdang.com ) will be updated soon with all links/galleries and the FamiTracker file.

Thanks to the nearly 200 people who have attended the listening party!

Hope you enjoy the album! Spread the word!

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Really enjoyed this!

My favorites are probably Sound Wave, Boiling Egg and Origin Bunker. The artwork is also really awesome. Haha I wanted to say GET A WEAPON was my favorite but it's more a jingle than a song. Also MM2 Dr Wily Stage 1 done with MMX sounds made me laugh but in a really good way.

A very good Mega Man tribute.

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