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Thinking/working music


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So I've been trying to compile a playlist of music that helps me concentrate and stay focused while I am working. I find stuff like soundtracks from Inception, TRON: Legacy, and Doctor Who very helpful in this regard, as well as the soundtrack from games like FEZ, Bastion, and Elder Scrolls.

Because I listen to it while I am working, none of the these songs have lyrics, because they would distract me.

Basically, what I'm asking for is suggestions for instrumental music that is similar to these:

"Town 1" - Jeremy Soule - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Here are my favorite bands and soundtracks with no lyrics which really help to keep me focused on my work:

I do not know if it size 100% with what you asked for but you may take a shot on these.

Bands - Album:

1 - Explosions In The Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

2 - Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

3 - Mogwaï - The Hawk Is Howling

Soundtrack - Artist

1 - Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtrack - Akira Yamaoka

2 - Music from Braid - Sieber, Kammen and Fulton

3 - Guild Wars Special Edition Soundtrack - Jeremy Soule & Julian Soule

AMAZINGGGG Itunes Radio Channel


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That track's actually called Harvest Dawn on the official soundtrack. You'll find a lot of less-energetic, mellow stuff from Jeremy Soule. From Oblivion alone, try out Peace of Akatosh, Dusk at the Market, Sunrise of Flutes, Auriel's Ascension, Glory of Cyrodill, Watchman's Ease, All's Well, and Wings of Kynareth. Plenty more stuff from Morrowind and Skyrim and Guild Wars too.

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For the past 10 years, I've listened to one/both of these when I'm

programming, photoshopping, sometimes even cleaning:

*Mazedude knows this one!!

I've heard them dozens of times, start to finish. They never get old. :)

I agree that lyrics are often distracting, but for tasks that require less

brain power, sometimes I'll listen to these:

Shapeshifting (2011, Young Galaxy)

Finally, and I feel weird about this ... I actually listen to

quite a bit, when driving or working or whatever. Is that bad? >_>

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Power metal instrumentals!

Blind Guardian - Beyond the Ice

Angra - Gate XII (this track has no guitars if I remember right, but the song is from an otherwise top notch power metal album heh)

Nightwish - Moondance

I'm a guy for active music in general though, and if it's uplifting, even better, so some of the tracks I've listed might not necessarily be the type for everyone else for working.

I might add some vgm/remix suggestions in another post.

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