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FL Studio Remix Gauntlet -- Round 8 starts now, Round 6 results

Jason Covenant

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Round 1 is up. Sorry it took so long, but I ran into something of a technical difficulty. Someone saved their flp in a recent beta version of FL, instead of a standard version. I had to get the beta version just to open it. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any realistic way I could convert it to a standard version, so there may be an flp you can't open.

Please don't send flp's saved in beta versions in the future. It's a bad idea anyways -- beta versions are less stable and there's no guarantee your flp's will even open in future iterations of FL.

Also, Team GBA/Generdyn, what is the source/game for your remix? I couldn't find anything on it in your file.

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This is really cool stuff. My only issue is that my version of FL keeps crashing for team GBA's track because of the Beta Version issue and I can't seem to find the version to download. Could one of them maybe upload an mp3 so I could at least listen to the track?

Yea, I couldn't find a way to convert it to a standard version, but I did render an mp3. It should be in there with the others.

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Oh man, rough week @_@. I'm really sorry for not getting anything done. I'm confused as to what happens now, are we out?

Yea, I know how that is. You aren't out. It's a gauntlet, meaning that each week teams get points based on votes. The team with the most points at the end of the gauntlet wins. I've designed the system in such a way that it won't be impossible for teams that are behind to catch up. You can still get a few points this round by voting. I'll explain how the system is weighted when round 1 voting is over.

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This round's theme is Setting It Up. In the spirit of still working out the kinks in this compo, you are allowed to remix any source that fits the following criteria:

-- Is from a game that starts with the letter F, L, S, R, or G. Ignore 'The', 'A' and 'Of' in title names. For example, The Legend of Zelda would be acceptable.

-- The source is used in-game as menu, title, options, character or level select, or any other part of the game involved with setting it up rather than playing it.

Do we have to just match either of the criteria or match both of them? It isn't 100% clear to me.

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