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FL Studio Remix Gauntlet -- Round 8 starts now, Round 6 results

Jason Covenant

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Go for it. I thought we were on round 3 already and it was my turn so I was about to start lol.

EDIT: Wait, it is round 3, isn't it? Didn't you just do round 2? What's happening next week? I'm so confused.

It's round 3, I was going to step in because I thought you were still unavailable. Go for it this week, good luck!

P.S. You can find us on GMail chat if you need some input.

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My brain is broke'd. How does the theme preclude Mega Man robot master themes?
In the spirit of balancing and not falling off of stuff, you can remix any source that meets the following criteria:

-- Plays during a level (or area) in which a character can jump, as well as fall off stuff and die.

-- Is not a character theme.

If MM stage themes are "character themes" then they don't fit the criteria.

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omg, we can't use slicex??? argggg too late

Can we possibly allow slicex here? It's exactly the same functionality as FL Slicer, at least how I'm using it. If you want I -could- convert all my 20+ drum patterns (like 6 instances of slicex so far) into using Slicer, by converting each Slicex into two Slicers (one for normal, one for reverse hits), but it'll just be really tedious work on my part and in the end it'll sound exactly the same.

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