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Synthetic Orchestra Christmas Calendar


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Hey guys, I think a few people from here have watched and commented on some of the entries so far, but I figured I would post here properly (hope that's okay).

Since December 1st I've been running the 'Synthetic Orchestra Christmas Calendar'. It's an advent Calendar with 24 doors to open, but instead of yummy chocolates behind each one there's a tasty Christmas video-game orchestration. You can open the doors over on the website for the full experience (http://syntheticorchestra.com/calendar) or follow me on YouTube if you're on there (http://youtube.com/dummeh). A new piece of music behind each door is being posted 00:00 GMT each day until December 25th.


Hope you enjoy!

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Thanks for the kind words from everyone - glad you're enjoying it! The Terraria one was pretty fun to write - they all were actually. Kirby and Zelda were really awesome to do too (there's a Behind the scenes on the Zelda one and I'll be posting more of these as the days go by).

My personal favourite hasn't been posted yet but I also really liked doing the Max Payne piece. It was fun to play around giving it a Christmassy feel.

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