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An OverClocked Christmas v.6 RELEASED!


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Well, the collab with DusK was for "Ring Rink" from Ristar. I could recognise Rozovian's second track to be "A Wish" from Secret of Mana, Peach's to be obviously Zelda's "Kakariko Village", and HoboKa identified Mokram's track to have covered some Parasite Eve. On top of Coop's and JH's bringing theirs out in the open, that's all I know o_O

Add mine to the list: 'Lost Painting' from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.


I also want to collab with Rexy sometime in the future q.q...

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So hey, how about some news from me then? Right oh!

Thanks to everyone who commented and left us know what sources were used. I'm fairly certain that I have an incomplete list, but, I can add to it later if necessary. I will be adding a link to the v.6 page to a text file featuring all of the sources that I currently have listed.

If there are changes or modifications, feel free to inbox me here on the forums, and I will modify it as necessary.

Thanks again everyone! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!


The page has been updated, and the list is live now.

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