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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Brandon Strader

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For those of you who don't know what it is,


Here's another!

People who play it:

Brandon Strader






Good servers to play on:

post one pls

Where to buy it:


http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/us/en/pc/games/shooter/chivalry-medieval-warfare/ (I got it for $8 here on sale with coupon)

Why thread:


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Is anyone willing to get a 4 pack? I could go in for one.

Get the 4-pack, sell copy as you can. :-P

Alright, a little thoughts on Chivalry...

Beautiful freaking game. I'm being completely honest here, the landscapes and detail in this game blows my mind. If you're able to run the game on max settings, it is truly a spectacle, a real treat. I don't even run it on max. Too much slow-down and I have a GTX670 and a fairly decent (not top of the line by any stretch of the imagination) PC. It's bottlenecked of course, but works. But even on lower settings it's downright beautiful.

I think my favorite mode is Last Man Standing in the ARENA! Or even team deathmatch in the arena. Pretty much anything in the arena or king of the hill on that map is fantastic.

Decapitating bustatunes was a highlight of my life. Who else can say they've killed a high profile Disney composer in a video game? And not just kill, but decapitate, sending his camera spinning in circles as he sees what his dead head sees.

There isn't really a BIG learning curve but starting out, I can see how people can get infuriated by it. It's kinda realistic. The only thing you need to know, when you block with a sword or shield, you HAVE to block the WEAPON -- you can't just press it expecting to not get hit unless you aim your block right at the weapon. Can people stab you in the side when you have a shield up? Yes. Can you get shot with an arrow or javelin or throwing axe? Yes.

Also, obviously you can only block thrown weapons with a shield. Not a sword, you're not Aragorn.

The controls are super easy. Archer can be tricky with the crossbow and bow in general but it's fun to learn.

I learned with man at arms, moved up to Vanguard and Knight later. My favorite class.... either Vanguard for the charged attack, or Knight if I just want to look menacing to archers or man at arms. They're pretty similar tbh.

Vanguard & knight against Archer and Men at Arms = slaughter! Against themselves, actual effort.

If you're an archer, have your secondary be a dagger and a shield or just a dagger alone. You may not live, but you'll look damn badass if you decapitate a knight with your dagger. Also blocking a bastard sword with a dagger... nothing's more awesome than that.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I'm by no means a pro but I can share what I know about the game.

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OK, someone needs to convince me to buy this game...

Why should I buy this game?

I played Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer since release until a few weeks back, when I first played Chivalry. It's my go-to multiplayer game now. It's ridiculously satisfying to get kills and the graphics would be great even for a AAA company (this is indie)

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Why this game is 25 bucks is beyond me. It's ok. For a half life 2 mod. but not for 25 bucks.

Go with natural selection 2.

While I agree that I wouldn't get it for $25, it is a good game and it doesn't play like a half-life 2 mod at all. Not sure if you're trollin, MAN. This is a great game. It's well worth the $8 I put into it, and I may have even been charged twice for it, been too busy to check my statement and see for sure, heh. But it's definitely worth $16. So I think you could justify the $12 purchase or whatever it is on Steam right now.

EDIT: Oh but yeah the constant racism and N-bombs and ragequitting and raging in general from everyone "taking it too seriously" drives the value down, BUT if you can revel in their anger and have a good time despite it, and just laugh at them, it's a great time.

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EDIT: Oh but yeah the constant racism and N-bombs and ragequitting and raging in general from everyone "taking it too seriously" drives the value down, BUT if you can revel in their anger and have a good time despite it, and just laugh at them, it's a great time.

I haven't seen any of that but seeing someone try to votekick nonstop over an accidental death is as irritating as the worst kind of hell.

Vanguards are horribly OP. To the point where there is no point in playing anything else but my main beef is that I like to get good at the things I do. Everyone is screaming about some kind of depth that's supposed to be in the swordfighting in this game but all i've seen are bardiche swinging vanguards killing off half the enemy team and half of their own. Don't get me started on the garbage parrying either. Without counter strikes or blade traps this game is only so authentic, which is not very.

I like the game, i'll continue to play it but i'm not going to care about it when i do. :)

25 bucks tho no way! :)

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