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A Capella Mixes

Final Kingdom

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but a thought just came to me.

Obviously, there's a myriad of amazing mixes that span so many genres on this site. One thing that I have yet to come across is an a capella mix. I've been watching videos featuring one-man barbershop and collabs, and I think it'd be pretty awesome if the genre was represented (for the lack of a better word), regardless of whether it was 'represented' by a few songs or by one huge collab/album. There are great vocalists on OCR, so I'm kind of surprised that I haven't come across any a capella songs yet. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

But anyway, what do you guys think? Would a capella pieces fall short of the judges' standards and inevitably get NOs, or is it that there's just no interest?

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I'll have to take a listen to these links :)

Doing barbershop/acapella is something i've wanted to do for a while. The problem comes in lyrics...what needs lyrics added to it?? Harder to accomplish imo, but something i've been trying to do with others for a while now.

I also been thinking of having a go at doing a capella pieces, whether it be a remix or not. I don't think writing lyrics would be too difficult if you chose to add them. If you did an a capella mix of an instrumental song, then the lyrics wouldn't have to be deep or anything. Depending on the mood of the song, they can be fun and silly or melancholic and brief. The possibilities are endless! And there's always the Recruit/Collab section of the forum, so you can always inquire about doing an a capella collab there.

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