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(Recruiting!) Songs of the Dragon Children: Fire emblem (7) remix album


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Songs of the Dragon Children

A Fire Emblem 7 Tribute Album

(Artwork and name tentative, obviously)

Original thread quote:

"So, with the release of Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS, everyone I have seen has been clamoring over that. However, what they fail to see is that this year is the 10 year anniversary of the first fire emblem game to be released worldwide (november)! I remember the GBA fire emblem games the most fondly (especially stones), but all of the games in the series have great music, gba ones included. Would anyone be interested in an album for the gba fire emblems, or possibly the series as a whole?"

Games: Fire Emblem for all you North Americans, Fire Emblem 7: Rekka No Ken (Blazing Sword) for everyone else (It's the 1st one on the gba in America, 2nd one in Japan:P)

Concept: I was playing this game recently, and for all of its popularity, I was extremely surprised that It had no albums OR even singles on OCRemix. This album is just to pay tribute to that first localized game that is the main reason we have the amazing Fire Emblem Games we have today.

Style of music: Anything goes, although I would like to keep the same style of the source material. If someone were to make a really cool techno/breakbeat version of "Together We Ride," that's completely alright, as long as it is decent and matches the feel of the original.

Current Team: Just Me so far. Some people have expressed interest, but I would like a confirmation after I post this if you really want in.

Who we need: Remixers. That's the main focus so far. We will however need a website programmer if we so wish to have one (I would). An artist to make the album and website art would be nice as well; if the current logo is any indication of my art skills (or lack thereof), then an artist will definitely be appreciated.

Dates:It would be amazing if we could finish this by November 3rd, as that is the 10th anniversary of the game's NTSC release. However, I understand that this is a steep bargain, and will begrudgingly move that date to later if I have to. I will post check in dates once some people sign on board, so get to it!

Keep in mind that I do want to limit the number of tracks so that a release this year would be possibly feasible, so depending on how many people we get, more songs could be added. My idea for bonus songs (if we even get there...) was that if there was another song in the series that was cool, we could add that. However, right now, I would very much like to stay focused on Blazing Sword; if there is extra time/remixers, maybe.

And, without further ado (in no order), the songlist

Key: Unclaimed Claimed(no WIP) Claimed(WIP) Finished

Girl of the Plains (Lyn's theme) (


One Heart (Eliwood's theme) (


Loyalty (Hector's theme) (


A new adventure (main theme) (


together we ride (

)(claimed by PixelPanic)

unshakable faith (


strike! (


Rise to the Challenge (


Arena battle (


(possibly mashed up with other themes, like a battle theme)

everything into the dark (Theme of Nergal)(


companions (


distant travels (


inescapable fate (Theme of Morphs)(


reminiscence (Ninian and Nils Theme)(


People who you can use in your remix (and their instrument):

AngelCityOutlaw (electric guitar)

Pokemonstein (whistling)

MangaMan (Beautiful Voice)

Willing to collab:


Art (hopefully):



If you have any questions, post it on this board, PM me, or email me at fireemblem7remix@gmail.com

Happy remixing!

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so for example, I said that it was the 1st american game's 10th anniversary this year. Would it be reasonable to do an album from that game only, maybe 10 main tracks and some bonus tracks?

EDIT ex (in no order):

main theme

together we ride

unshakable faith


Arena battle

everything into the dark


distant travels

inescapable fate

that song from melee that I cant remember the the source material of (you know the one :P)

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