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Music Recomendations Similar to Skrillex


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Zomboy, Kill the Noise. You could also check Seven Lions and Koan Sounds; both are a bit more atmospheric than Skrillex but they are signed to his label.

I agree with all except for KOAN Sound. They make mostly funk-based music and I don't feel like they sound similar to Skrillex.

That's not to say I don't highly recommend them, as KOAN is one of my favorite recent artists.

But as for things that sound similar to Skrills, try Knife Party, Dodge & Fuski, and Zomboy for the closest sound, and to deviate away from it slightly I suggest Savoy, Krewella, and Feed Me.

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Zedd is honestly the best guy out there who does stuff remotely similar to this stuff.

Because he actually writes the music. And it's actually MUSIC. Skrillex is cool, but more of that is just programming and occasionally tracks I hate which I just think is noise (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites an example... one of my favorites by Skrillex is Cinema Remix).

Zedd was Classically trained, which may explain a lot.

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Another vote for Knife Party! Those 2 are from Pendulum. If you want a really heavy & more underground not 4-on-the-floor sound, my friend Kinman does this blog called bassweight society where you can discover a lot more artists:


A-RoN, I don't know if you meant to do this but your logo looks like one of those silhouette illusions (sunglasses or bow-tie?). I love illusions.

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