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Oldie but goodie games for sale


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Hello hello,

Every few years I go through my video game library, replay everything and decide what games it's time to say goodbye to. Tastes change, games age, time for games shrinks and old favorites need to be let go. I've barely cracked the surface on this particular session of "play all the games" but already I've accumulated a small pile of titles to find a new home. Thus I submit to the community a handful of classics for sale.

My shipping costs will be around $4.00. I'll ship anywhere in the US. If you live outside the states and really want something, drop me a PM about it and I'll check into shipping costs. You can pay me via PayPal.

I'm not putting price tags on these games. Just make me an offer.

***Updated*** I've also got a bit of video game spin-off merchandise (mostly figurines) sitting here in storage. Might as well put it up on offer too. New listings at the bottom. I'll be adding pictures as I'm able. Also note there are no boxes for figures so serious collectors probably shouldn't get too excited.

***Updated*** I've added a few more games to the bottom of the games list.

Without further ado:

Mega Man 7 (Super Nintendo). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and edges. Manual and cartridge in excellent shape, even includes that little plastic cartridge cap. Game plays as good as it did when bought new.

Extreme-G (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and edges. Manual and cartridge in excellent shape. Game plays fine and still looks pretty good for an N64 game.

Mario Kart 64 (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and edges, slight fold on corner of flap. Manual, operation card, and cartridge in excellent shape. Game plays fine, though one forgets how much the karts slide in this old game.

F-Zero X (N64). Box condition is very good with slight wear on the corners. Manual, operation card, and cartridge in excellent shape. Game still as speedy as ever.

Yoshi's Story (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners. Manual, operation card, and cartridge in excellent shape. The Yoshi's singing as saccharine sweet as it's ever been.

Mario Tennis (N64). Box condition is good with light wear on the corners and crease on flap. Manual and cartridge in excellent shape. Still plays perfectly.

Alundra (PS1).***SOLD ***

Klonoa (PS1). Jewel case, manual, and disc in excellent condition. One of the PS1's platformer gems.

Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collector's Edition (PS1). Jewel case, manual, anthology booklet, and disc in excellent condition.

Apparently Elmer Fudd is in this game.

Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (PS2). Case, manual, and disc in new condition. All the world is a labyrinth but at least Dante is at the bottom of one.

Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier (PS2). Disc and manual in great condition. Case looks fine unless you're like me and upon holding it up to the light and angling it just so wonder who caused the marks on the plastic.

Poke'mon Conquest (DS). Case, manual, and cartridge in new condition. Not as good as Fire Emblem, but then, what is?

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (DS). Case and cartridge in great condition but someone stole the frigging manual.

Tales of the Abyss (3DS). ***SOLD***

Poke'mon grab bag. Baggie contains 2 inch figures of Sandslash, Ditto as Pikachu, Wartortle, Totodile, Raticate, Kangaskhan, Kabutops, Dragonair, Cubone, Eevee, and Dratini (I actually remembered all of their names). Also contains a sealed Poke'Park Wii collectable laser cell I picked up at E3 2010.


My ancient camera's batteries died right after this shot so we can enjoy that glare.

Final Fantasy 7 figures. These are older 5 inch figures of Sephiroth and Vincent (they predate all of the spin-off designs). The arms are posable at the elbows for Vincent and Shoulders/wrists for Sephiroth.


Final Fantasy 8 figures. These are 6 inch figures of Irvine with his shotgun (and Rinoa's dog for some reason), Seifer with his gunblade, Zell, and Laguna with his machinegun. There are a few rotating joints but I wouldn't exactly call them posable.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time figures. Link stands at 5 inches and comes with the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Note, the shield has a bit of damage where it fits onto Link's arm. This doesn't seem to affect how well it actually stays on his arm and isn't particularly visible. Ganondorf stands at 6.5 inches and has no accessories.


Mega Man X snap together figure, imported. This one's a bit odd. It's a figure of X with 2 sets of armor you can snap onto him.


Freebie Parakoopa Troopa from Super Mario Bros. 1. ***Koopa has been adopted***

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***dammit, I finally purchase a Mega Man 7 cart for $60.00 at an overpriced game store just because I doubt I'd ever see one for sale again and now everyone starts selling theirs for better prices.

I might be interested in that Alundra, but I need to see what my entertainment budget is going to be like next week first. I'll hit you up if I can afford it, but at least I wanted to impart a nugget of interest.

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no u

25 for nocturn sounds fair

i dont feel right naming a price for mega man 7 since for some reason the snes mm games are stupid rare so i dont want to screw him on money he could be getting from it by lowballing

Heh, feel free to low-ball away. I'll just reject any offer that looks too low and make a counter offer. Haggling is fun and educational!

Edit: Is $25 your offer for Nocturne?

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ill hold off on mm 7 and wait to see if someone else wants it first. if noone picks it up in a week or so ill nab it for 60. hows that sound?

That sounds like a reasonable plan. I accept your Nocturne offer. $25 plus the $4.00 shipping brings the total to $29.00. I'll ship it after receiving payment. Shall I hold off on shipping to see if you also end up with MM7? That way you won't have to pay shipping twice.

Care for a free Koopa Troopa?

Edit: Nevermind, koopa has been spoken for.

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Alundra get! Now I finally have the game to go with the guide I bought long ago... for a game I didn't have...


LOL, no, I meant it wasn't available anymore because you were the first person to ask for it so koopa troopa is yours. Edited previous post for clarity.

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any way you might accept trades for anything? and by anything i mean mm7 and possibly some of your boxed n64 games? i have a google docs list i can link at you.

Sure I might be but that's a big might. I really can't think of anything I want. Go ahead and link me to your list. Maybe you'll surprise me.

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