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MRI 1-1 Musical Replacement Initiative - Season One, Round One (Round 1 Complete. Results Inside.)


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Picture this - You are at home, and suddenly decide to fire up your game console to work on your favorite RPG. Another one of your friends has the same game, but he is into fighting games. Yet another friend has those two games, but they are into shooters. You load up your save file, and all of a sudden, the music is not there anymore. Yet you change areas, and the theme for that area plays, but you go back to the previous area, and nothing. Confused, you call up your buddies to confirm it since you know they have the same game, and are significantly farther than you. When they confirm it, the news is completely baffling - but your brain is completely fried when they tell you something similar had happened to THEIR games, the fighting and shooter games.

The next day, you wake up, turn on the morning news, and recieve quite a shock - Similar baffling reports are all over the news, given weird headlines like "Game Consoles Literally Eating Music", and it all seems to be one or two songs from a game, never an entire soundtrack. The authorities seem to be just as puzzled as you are...

Being a musician, as well as a somewhat mad scientist, you conjure up a way to return the missing tracks to their respective games. Create original masterpieces closely resembling the deleted tracks, and use the game consoles as a way to re-insert that track into their respective games, somewhat similar to a virus. You also realize other sciencians (ha!) must have come up with a similar plan, so you also realize you have to be on top of your game to beat the other guy.

Current News:

Winner of the round: THREE WAY TIE FOR FIRST.

Points as they run:

T5 - Ectogemia

T5 - Liquid Wind

T5 - Cosmic Sounds

3 - King Tiger

Well the first round has come to a close, and with no one giving an inch. It's still anyones game. We'll see you for Round 2!

T = tied

POINTS EXPLANATION, lets say if I got 2 votes for the same person, one for first place, one for second place. I just add them up. 3+2=5, so they get 5 points.

Keep on the lookout for the Round 2 post!

Mixes for this round: https://www.box.com/s/k675vrnue3jiqes9pzqq

About Musical Replacement Initiative

Musical Replacement Initiative is intended to give musicians a genre restriction, as to hopefully make them better musicians by potentially working in a genre that they have not tackled yet. In true OCR tradition, all source tunes are from video games, and you must compose an original in the same genre, same feeling as that source tune.


Participants: You must make an original with STRICT ADHERENCE to the source tune as far as genre, and feeling is concerned. Any actual source usage should be none, to extremely minimal. You may use any instruments you like; you are not restricted to the sonic palette of the source, just the general feeling and genre. By feeling I mean what does it sound like to you? When you close your eyes, what do you see? For example, Burn Bobonga from Chrono Trigger ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-AfvgFfSSk ) makes me think of cavemen dancing around a fire pit, grunting obsceneties at each other. Or something. Auron's Theme from Final Fantasy X (

) likewise makes me think of a hitchhiker in a futuristic city. Use this to your advantage, when considering what to do.

I may at times throw in a curveball in the form of a source tune that is really hard to get the feel of, like Bokosuka Wars music. This is to keep things fresh, and challenge participants.

Submissions: All entries must be sent to me by the 12PM PST deadline via PM on the forums, with a link to a reliable host for me to download your mix from. Please don't use Tindeck, as it doesn't give you control over what the filename will be when downloaded. I also recommend you post in this thread that you've submitted your mix, since I know there has been issues in other compos with PM's not being received. Please submit your file as an mp3, preferably encoded at 320kbps, but no less than 192kbps. Filenames must be in the following format:

Artist - Title (Source and Game).mp3


WillRock - The Beginning of Everything (Time's Grasslands - Chrono Cross).mp3

Proper file names mean I can do my job of getting the compliation done and posted faster, which means you get to hear the great music produced by this sooner.


All deadlines are 12 PM (noon) Eastern time (EST).


Votes should be based on, in roughly descending order:

-How much the original feels like the source tune. Can it be put into the game in the source tunes place?

-Usage of source is a no-no here. Any actual source usage should be extremely limited.




Please vote via PM to me, with the subject as ( yourname - who you are voting for ). When the voting period ends, I will go into PMs to tally the points, and whoever gets the most votes, gets the most points.

I will use a points system in this one, I.E. there will be 5 rounds in this first "season". The winner of a round will get 3 points. That means if the same person wins every round, 18 points will be awarded to them, and they will be that season's champion.

This said, the points will be handled like this:

1st Place: 3 points

2nd Place: 2 points

3rd Place: 1 point

I will throw in a twist too. During the final round, all points are doubled, like so:

1st Place: 6 points

2nd Place: 4 points

3rd place: 2 points

That means come-from-behind wins are possible.

Thanks for your interest, and lets get this show on the road!


Source tune this round: You're Not Alone!, Final Fantasy IX ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI5fD7Jbnuw ) - Remember, original, in the exact genre and feeling. No source is to be used.

DEADLINE REACHED - Voting takes place until April 21, 2013, and Round 2 starts April 28, 2013

A bit of inspiration: You've lost your way in life. A traumatic experience has caused you to completely close yourself up to the outside world. You don't care anymore...even though your best friends are trying to help you out of your funk. you know that they are there however...

Entry: Anyone can enter, from vetrans to beginners, just post in the thread that you are entering.

Template based on "ReMixing With The Stars", by MindWanderer

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When does this play in the game? (what hapens to promt this song to start).
In case someone else has the same question, without spoiling a dramatic moment in the game, a character has learned something that makes them feel alone and hopeless, but thoughts of all the experiences they shared with their friends come to them and gives them new hope and determination. The title sums it up pretty well.

Edit: Here's an important question: If the source loops (as this one does), does the submission also have to loop? If it were seriously a replacement for the original, it would have to.

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I never thought of that..

Alright, if a source loops, loop it twice before fade-out.

Expect some 6-8 minute songs then :).

@Kuolema: I think it might mean that. Kind of like Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. (First song that came to my mind). It has a real ending and still loops, most of the galaxy songs do.

Wait....but 90% (guess) of video game music loops itself (minus themes, endings, and etc. ). So we'd end up looping most of our songs...if I'm interpreting the loop thing correctly.

Edit: Ohhh, this could go into the enjoyable category. VGM songs that loop are/usually are enjoyable and pleasant to listen to over and over again. It's what is usually strived for so that the feel of the level is maintained.

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In case someone else has the same question, without spoiling a dramatic moment in the game, a character has learned something that makes them feel alone and hopeless, but thoughts of all the experiences they shared with their friends come to them and gives them new hope and determination. The title sums it up pretty well.

I get it now. Thanks for explaining.

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My track is sent ;o

Would raising the volume on the final version of your track in Audacity (while converting it to an mp3) cause the track to sound worse in any way?

If you raise it past the digital threshold, then absolutely. Put a limiter on it before rendering an .mp3. ALso, if you turn it up too much with a limiter, you will destroy the dynamics of your track, so in that regard, it will sound worse (flat, lifeless, all the same volume).

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I'm not sure what you mean that you haven't gotten to the limiter part of production yet. I'm guessing that since you're rendering an .mp3, you're done writing the track at least, so you should be getting to a little mastering at this point where a limiter would be a good thing to add. Or are you still working on the writing?

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