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At first, I wasn't sold, but after it got going I liked it. The sfx, the off-kilter chants and voice clips, and the overall creepy haunted house-like quality of it was great, especially in the areas where it sounded a little more metallic or industrial. Some things I liked, other things not so much, but end of the day, I thought it was a good debut.

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Cool debut. This one is pretty tounge and cheek and I like it for that. Hard not to smile when you hear the game effects come in but I did think maybe the forest of illusion soundclip was a little too cheesy. For some reason I thought this would end up being something based off the Forrest Gump soundtrack but this doesn't disappoint :)

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Awesome stuff. I'm a fan of this stuff. It's always surprising to hear how good a track could be. The sfx and the synth have a 'something' dark side while retaining the feel of the forest. I'm at job right now but I'm already hyped to hear it on my SYSTEM at home.

The only small thing I heard is some synth are loud compared to other. But this is not a big flaw. Plus I'm not in my listening environnement. I may edit this part ;)

Great stuff. Please share moaare !

Edit: I just heard the lyrics now that I'm home. It says forest of illusion ;)

Why not.

The varitation in the lead makes it appealing.

Starcraft WHY!? :P

I love the way the sfx were used.

I still think some synth are overpowered. But it doesn't matter too much since it's not all the way and not that significant.

So after my second listen I can say PURE AWESOMENESS.

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I have to say, this song definitely accomplishes the effect of disturbing the listener. Using cheerful SFX in combination with the almost-dub sound/bass/theming worked out incredibly well, much like it did in Dark Reaches of SMW.

I don't want to call the vocals really, because there wasn't much there, but the voice in the song fit the mood and fit the tunes.

I appreciate this.

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Forrest Fire lives up to his name producing hot tracks that tend to burn their own paths, embrace the heat or fight this blaze as this track is sure to inspire a flame war, as to it's place in on the OCR. Clever use of samples and the embrace of more frantic sonic elements all combine to to stretch a :40 track into something more than its individual parts. Confused? Good, if the original track was titled the Forrest of Actuality, I might agree with you that this remix doesn't embrace the theme of the source material, however that not the case here...

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