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[Recruit/Collab] Voices of OCR!

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I want to combine two of my biggest loves, singing and VG music, by making an A Capella group! Although OCR focuses more on instrumental arrangements, I'd really love to get together with a group of people that also shares the same loves/interests/etc. There are vocalists hiding somewhere in the forums, so I thought I'd put this thread up! If you're not a singer but know another user that is and would be interested/would have the time for this, then share this thread with them!

EDIT: Rather than being an A Capella group, the thread is now meant to draw in all singers on the forums. Arrangers: if you need singers, this will be a good place to find them! :D More info in recent posts!

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Can't even tell you how much I fully support this (not just because of OCR Big Band, but I'm also in the process of getting something similar to this set up on a larger scale for a different genre :nicework: , and I enjoy seeing the different forms of collaboration around this community). For "serious singing," I'd love to contribute for baritone or ambient falsetto male vocals, but I'll probably lay off on any lead parts because I don't think my funk vocals will blend much within a group setting. ;P

(lemme know if you need any demos and I'll pm you)

I can think of several singers around here (vets and new) who would be perfect for this, but I'll let others chime in instead of speaking on their behalf.

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I'm so glad this thread has gotten some more response!

Quick AC resume:

- Beatboxer and baritone/low tenor

- Founder of the a capella group at a military service academy

- My AC arrangement of "Circle of Life" performed in front of President Obama in 2009

I'm in.

I didn't even think of finding a beatboxer, so you're literally perfect.

I can't sight-sing, which has (lamely) prevented me from ever trying out for an acapella group, but this would suit me well. I'm also somewhere in the baritone-tenor range. Did you have any specific ideas in mind for what to tackle, Britney?

Don't worry, I can't sight sing either. I'm more of an ear kind of person. It's probably wrong of me, but I usually assume that most remixes here are done by ear, so arranging wouldn't be too hard in that respect.

My ideas are singing 8-bit/16-bit music because making an arrangement would be easier to start off with from those kinds of sources. So for example, the Mario overworld theme would be a good song to start with because you can distinguish each part from another. (Not saying that this WILL be the first arrangement but its a start). From there, we can build our way up to more complex/recent songs. Considering that all of us love remixing VG music, I figured that the arrangement could put a twist on the source in the same way that an OCRemixer would when they submit a song to the judges. I figure maybe that way, we can have that OCR style as opposed to simply covering the song. Even to raise the bar a bit, I've been thinking that whoever suggests a song and everyone digs it, that person can be the main arranger (we would all pitch in different ideas so that it'd still be a team effort) but that's just an idea.

Now that I have a few people that are interested, I think that we can all bounce ideas back and forth as to what songs they would want to start as well as how to arrange it (we'll talk about that more when we get there). I want everyone involved to have fun with this and sing their favorite songs, not me just picking stuff that I like and making everyone sing it. If we all have a Skype, we can make a chat and talk there for deeper conversation.

G-Mixer, it's fine that you're busy. Whenever you're not, you can always PM me :)

Xarnax, Damashii, Nonamer, and Palpable, thanks for being on board with the idea! We'll definitely start discussion on this very very soon. Right now, I still need to find at least one other alto and a few sopranos. If you guys know anyone who can sing either parts, then by all means show them this thread or have them shoot me a PM. In the mean time, PM me or reply to this thread what kinds of songs you would like to sing that fit the 8-bit/16-bit criterion. I'll be finding other songs to start with as well.

Thanks again everyone!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Alright, everyone, we're slowly but surely getting the ball rolling here!

So here are the parts that we've got so far:

Soprano: a friend of mine

Alto: me

Tenor: Xarnax

Baritone: Orangedragan

Bass: Damashii

Beatboxer: XPRTNovice

Palpable won't be able to join us for now due to a busy schedule. Still haven't heard from Nonamer and I just PMed Orangedragon some info.

I have a really big list of songs lol Sorry if it seems like overkill (I'm very excited about this project), but the more possibilities the better! We can start narrowing the list down once we heard from everyone, so hear goes!


Kid Icarus Theme

Moon Theme - DuckTales

Ending Theme - SMB2

Dr. Wily Stage - Mega Man 2

Vampire Killer - Castlevania

Brinstar - Metroid

Red Alert - Metal Gear

Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic

Golden Axe Theme

Anything from Tetris

Overworld 2 - SMB3

National Park - Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Butter Building - Kirby's Adventure

New Age Retro Hippie - Mother

Kremlantis - DK Land

Surface of SR388 - Metroid 2

The Rebel Army - FFII

We're the Robots - Mega Man 9

Main Theme - Double Dragon

Rival Battle - Pokemon G/S

The Swamps - The Smurfs

Bloody Tears - Castlevania

Cave - Star Tropics


As I Feel, You Feel - FFV

Rydia's Theme - FFIV

Any Sonic the Hedgehog song

600 AD - Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger Main Theme

Frog's Theme - Chrono Trigger

Terra's Theme - FFVI

Aquatic Ambience - DKC

Gourmet Race - Kirby Super Star

Theme of Simon - Super Castlevania IV

And beyond

Radical Dreamers - Chrono Cross

Cornered - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters - Phoenix Wright

Objection - Phoenix Wright

Vale - Golden Sun

Let's get to suggestin' guys!

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Between Orangedragan (what ridiculous spelling) and Sir Jord....um, Damashii!!, I think we should be able to cover baritone. As long as it's not too low, I could help too. What it really comes down to is the arrangements: SATB quartet looks pretty well covered. If we're wanting a full choir sound, we would probably want at least one more on each voice; from there, layering multiple takes and maybe some subtle effects would get the job done. And that leads into our biggest hurdle:

Arrangements. Looking for them within the group may not be the most productive avenue. Can't speak for anyone else, but I am a very slow (and not particularly skilled) arranger. I think everyone would agree that we'd be happy to take submissions from anyone looking to feature SATB chorus in their piece. Of course, we'd love to get a capella arrangements, although I don't see any reason why we'd need to limit it to them.

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I can't say I'm a very accomplished arranger, but I have a friend who could probably give me some tips. For the record (idk why I didn't mention it originally) I am actually a Broadway baritone for the most part, but have a decent bass range and am working on tenor. Got a solid 2 octaves on a good day. And SUPER looking forward to working on this; OCR needs more awesome acapella. Don't think I've heard any fully acapella arrangements on the site, actually.

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Why don't I see more Mario

Good question!! Lol I think because Mario would be obvious to suggest, I completely overlooked it >< silly me!

You are better off finding someone else for Baritone and limiting me to Beatboxing (I'm not a very good singer)

That's fine!

And that leads into our biggest hurdle:

Arrangements. Looking for them within the group may not be the most productive avenue. Can't speak for anyone else, but I am a very slow (and not particularly skilled) arranger. I think everyone would agree that we'd be happy to take submissions from anyone looking to feature SATB chorus in their piece. Of course, we'd love to get a capella arrangements, although I don't see any reason why we'd need to limit it to them

I see what you're saying. Because we're still in the process of planning, no one knows that we'd be taking submissions for an a capella project. Does anyone know an arranger that would be interested in submitting some kind of arrangement? Who knows how long it would be before someone decided to submit one. I'm not too experienced with arranging, but I'll try my best if there's no other option. This whole project is a learning experience for me, so I wouldn't mind undertaking that job.

XPRTNovice, if you ever had time later on, then your help would definitely be appreciated :) No pressure for now.

Orangedragan, if you'd like to give me a hand, or you feel that you could arrange on your own, you're more than welcome to!

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Just registered for this... if you're really getting started and if you're aiming for a complete album, I'd love to supply the album art.


My prime was the 8 bit era, so I hope I can supply some more unusual suspects to the suggestion list:

Wizards & Warriors X / Fortress of Fear -

Faxanadu -

Battle of Olympus -

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Hey folks! I'm definitely very interested in this if you need another baritone/tenor. I can sight sing, I've been getting voice lessons for about 4 years now, and I've had a number of solos, the most recent of which was professionally recorded and is currently undergoing editing. I should be able to share that with you all in about two months, if you're interested!

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