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23 hours ago, Thin Crust said:

I clicked the link and saw "An extensive look at FF15's first chapter" and I thought, why would I ever want to look at that?  Why would anyone want spoilers?  The first chapter is supposed to be jaw dropping and get you hooked.  Reading spoilers will just ruin the experience.

You...  you realize that not everyone feels that way, right?  I mean, it's fine if you do (I feel the same way, generally), but some people get hyped about stuff by voraciously consuming any and all information they can find about it, spoilers included.  It doesn't ruin the experience for them because having information about the experience isn't the same thing as experiencing the experience.

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My only hope is that they'll stop driving the series into the ground with their J-Pop crap, ridiculous storylines, awful voice actors, and anything that looks, sounds, or smells anything like Snow fro

My head has given up on Square Enix. But my heart hasn't.

Because FF13 epitomizes all aspects of Japanese culture? Your theory here is all sorts of weird, as if the later FF installments could somehow encapsulate an entire people. I wouldn't presume to speak

Yee, I looked at it and it's not as extensive as they said. I know as much about the beginning of the game as I did before. I mean we all know that Kingsglaive the movie is taking place at the same time as the game, and that Noctis is not in the movie because he's on the road trip with his friends while the other people are at I'm guessing Insomnia where the kingdom of Regis or whatever is. 

If you watched the first episode of the anime (which I recommend) it also filled in some of that exposition, as well as what happened to Noctis as a kid. 

So I dunno, TC's view is completely reasonable, and maybe even what I've typed here was too much info for what he's comfortable with (hopefully not).. People are allowed to anticipate stuff in different ways. Jeez chill ^_^  

But yeah not reading/watching the video would be like saying "I don't want to know how Kingdom Hearts starts!"  Think about that.. haha... nobody ever rants and raves about how awesome Kingdom Hearts started, either with the shadow area where you pick the items or the later part on that island.. pretty boring actually. 

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Kingsglaive certainly has some stupendous animation there.  English trailer below:

The gameplay, on the other hand, looks like it wants to be a cross between Metal Gear Rising, Dishonored, Monster Hunter, and a little bit of Final Fantasy XII.

Might not be a bad game, but it sure still seems like Square Enix isn't interested in making Final Fantasy games actually called Final Fantasy anymore.

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I honestly think FF XV is going to be more of the same. I've noticed SE's flagship titles moving more and more towards a more action-based combat system and, in general, more towards appealing to a Western market. Western gamers are generally into less thought, more reactive gameplay with a plot just complex enough to keep you wanting to know what happens next - after all the complains about the story-boarding of FF XIII, I think this game is going to be exactly like FF XIII in terms of gameplay, with a less-detailed plot more focused on story progression and development of only the main two or three characters.

FFXIII a colossal failure? I'm not sure I would agree with that. One big complaint I heard about FF XIII was that there was too much plot, too many cut scenes, too much required of the player before they had access to regular gameplay; I personally think that yes, playing through half the game's plot before you even had access to all the characters at once was a bit much; however, most of the plot revolved around character development of not just the main characters and setting the scene of a very difficult world to describe life in. I thought this was necessary to tell the whole story and understand why the characters made the decisions they did; however, if felt rushed, choppy, and  . Great setup, poorly delivered; I think they could have done much better if they hadn't focused so much on the majority of the plot happening in Cocoon while Pulse was the 'World Map.' Besides - if it was such a colossal failure, how did Lightning Returns EVER get permission for release?


My only hope is that they'll stop driving the series into the ground with their J-Pop crap, ridiculous storylines, awful voice actors, and anything that looks, sounds, or smells anything like Snow from XIII. I want my old FF back.

I'm with you, XPRTNovice (but Zell was FAR more annoying than Snow will ever be). Too much study on why FFVII was successful and not enough on why the first six games were successful BEFORE that. I thought they learned their lesson with FFIX, but I was mistaken...

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... and had I read to the end of this thread, I would have seen the trailer links.

Looks flashy, and I'm sure the combat system is fun, but I miss my turn-based or ATB combat systems. If I want to play an action game I have NeiR, Heavenly Sword, Force Unleashed, Clastlevania: Lords of Shadow, God of War, various Legend of Zelda titles, and so on.  This is what really turned me off of Lightning Returns; when I play an RPG, I want to play an RPG, not a shooter or action/adventure.

I'm curious about Kingsglaive, but not expecting as much as I did for Spirits Within or Advent Children. After the complaints I heard earlier about voice acting, let's hope - because hope springs eternal - that they get the damn dialogue right, because the actors I see they chose so far aren't terrible.

Who wants to bet Sean Bean's character dies before the end, like every other role of nobility he's taken on recently? :)


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On 6/16/2016 at 4:51 PM, The Nikanoru said:


Who wants to bet Sean Bean's character dies before the end, like every other role of nobility he's taken on recently? :)


If the Bean-man is part of the cast then my interest in this game has been rekindled.  

...and what do you mean by recently?:)  Dying has been a part of nearly every role in his entire career and can be considered part of his typecasting at this point.  In fact, i'm willing to bet that dies extremely well is repeated ad-nauseam in his acting resume.  

pretty sure Troy was one of the few movies he lived through but even that was an implied death since, by not taking risks for the chance of being remembered throughout history, no one would remember if he even existed.  

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Sean Bean is only in the movie, although as for whether the character dies in the game, well that is getting into spoiler territory I'm not sure anyone would be too fond of. But it's a different actor from what I've heard -- actually I think the character in the movie and game is modeled after a completely different actor, possibly the one who does the voice for the game, I'm not sure. They changed Noctis's dad design at some point from what it used to be. 

Sean Bean lived in that Silent Hill movie. I was amazed.

Also totally not pointing out that it's a different voice actor in the game to unkindle your interest, you should be interested though, in the movie and the game. It's going to be amazing and we only have 3 months left to wait. -_- 


Also the difference between movie Luna and game Luna is pretty jarring. Look into that stuff. There's big differences between the 2. Also the movie features stuff like the Leviathan scene from E3 2013 that won't be in the game anymore. 

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