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Game music with a country feel?

Lie Mf B

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I'm working on a remix of the Duck Tales Himalaya theme (NES), and I'm looking for more material to put into it. So I'm searching for game music with a country/western/hillbilly/bluegrass style. Let me know if you have any tips. I already know about Psycho Fox (Sega) and Gunsmoke (NES). All platforms welcome.

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from Earthbound


from Mario Party 2

There might be some tracks in Rayman Origins with that feel but I can't recall specifically. I know there's a bunch of different styles. Still its a great soundtrack so maybe look into it. The Sims has some country music as well.

I'm sure there's more so I'll see if I can think of any more.

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Dug up some tracks. List is long.

From Shadow Hearts: From the New World:

Heat Haze in the Distance

Stealthy Hearts

From Final Fantasy games:


Farm Boy

Mining Town

Sandy Badlands

Fiddle de Chocobo

Super Mario RPG:

Let's Go Down the Wine River

Docaty Mountain Railroad

Wild ARMS (these also count for the remastered/remixed tracks in Alter Code F):

Into the Wilderness


Lone Bird in the Shire (remix of Ecstasy of Gold theme)



Alone in the World

Oops... (Also known as "Wh-what?!")

Whistle of the Warrior

Uncertain Feelings Rushed

Rudy's Companions

Small Village (not on the OST, good luck finding it...I can't)

Not A Plain Child but a Young Lady

Port Town

Milama Village (not on the OST, I only have it because I have psf game rips)

Lucied's Maze (another track nobody has)

Boomerang Flash

Malduke's Victors (another missing track)

Boomerang's Grave (yet another missing track)

You might be able to find the missing tracks on YouTube if you can find a LP where the player isn't gabbing over everything. Otherwise I'd say just download the psf files for Wild ARMS.

Wild ARMS 2:

Main Title

You'll Never Be Alone

Going Out

Dungeon - Ruins Type 1

Scene of Reminiscence

Dungeon - Type 2

A Momentary Respite

First Ignition

Field - Roaming

Field - Distorted Sky

Town Where the West Wind Blows

Western Village

Harbinger of the Hurricane

Dungeon - Natural Type

Dungeon - Ruins Type 2

Heimdal Gazzo

Valeria Chateau

Battle - Knight Blazer

Battle vs Kanon

A Tinge of Regret


Resistance Line

Wild ARMS 3:

Just..everything. This is probably the most westernly of Wild ARMS games. Here's a link to the

. It is however missing the vocal version of Advanced Wind, which can be found here.

I'm sure Wild ARMS 4 and 5 are pretty much similar, but I haven't played them. You'd have to go digging around for those.

Zelda series:

Lonlon Ranch

Horse Race

Kakariko Village (OoT version)

Ingo's Theme

Ordon Goats (unfortunately all the Twilight Princess tracks are game rips since it lacks an OST, and some are recorded poorly)

Taming Epona

Hidden Village

I'm sure I missed some things, but there you go.

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Thanks a billion for all your suggestions. A lot of interesting stuff there!

Unfortunately, I'm still at loss as what I'm gonna add to my song. I realized that "country" music necessarily won't do it. What I need is a good bridge (aka a middle eight) to put towards the end of my remix, something melodic that fits with the rest of the song. I've been listening to tons of other tracks but never found anything that works with the style and tempo (for instance, I tried to nick the end part of the Moon Base theme from Duck Tales, but the tempo was just wrong).


Here's the track so far, posted in a thread at the WIP forum:


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