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Heaven Variant Soundtrack (Free) Album Release, 67 tracks, 1990s shoot 'em up style


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So I was working on a shoot 'em up that kind of didn't make it. But I had so much unused music lying around after that I figured I'd toss it online and make it an official posthumous soundtrack.

You can listen and download the album for free here.


or you can stream straight from Bandcamp


It's just blatant 199X shoot 'em up cliche cheese, and was meant to be. I was sad the game didn't come to completion but I'm happy I'm able to release the album at least. As my first official album release it's a little bittersweet, but still a fun album to crank loud. :)

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Thanks. ^__^

Why didn't the game come to completion?

Had some financial issues, technical issues, real life issues. There was a lot complete though, was a serious loss for me. Happened about 2 months ago and I'm still grieving. It all sort of coalesced at the same time at the worst moment possible. It was literally the last option on the table after exhausting all the other ones. Team disbanded, and when it was all said and done I was left with a zillion music tracks and particle systems I had made in Unreal. Haha.

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I've been listening to this whilst playing games of Street Fighter and other things. Some tracks I thought were pretty awesome: Divinity Space Corp Intervention (sounds like it could've came straight out of Chaos Legion which is a straight win for me), Struggle with the Scythe, With My Soul, Ascender. There's a lot to like though and it's really consistent with some sweet genre twists here and there. I already told you I'm gutted the team disbanded but I love this soundtrack and it reminds me of so many games I've enjoyed in my life.

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I'm really surprised this hasn't gotten a larger reaction around here. The game had a lot going for it(from what I saw), and the soundtrack will not be leaving my "Driving Music" playlist for the foreseeable future.

A real shame about the game, but I gotta say, this sounds like you put your heart & soul into it, and it shows through. The scope of the soundtrack alone deserves mention--67 FINISHED tracks? Damn good stuff.

Just let us know if you sign on to any other projects, since something like this could only be made better with a game to accompany it.

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