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OCR02805 - Donkey Kong Country 2 'Sinfonía del Sabio'


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Wow. That blew me away. Those instruments are played live if my ears don't deceive me. Absolutely awesome update of Stickerbrush Symphony. Each instrument holds out very well, particularly the guitars and flute. I love how you emulated the original down to a T with updated sounds, although I'm very surprised that OCR accepted it as it is kinda conservative to their standards from what I typically see. Aside from a few nice improvisation parts in the latter third, the track is a cover of sorts but I don't mind. Excellent work.

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Ooooh, man, those guitars and the jazz flute! So much love for the instrument choices and usage here. Honestly, this is the kind of ReMix I would like to hear if DKC went through an HD update, because it does have a little bit of conservativeness at first, but then evolves from there, which is one of my favorite things a ReMix can do, combining nostalgia and innovation. Well done, man!

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