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DLP Remix contest (with prize)

The Joker

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Hey, guys! Not sure if this is the place to post this, as the contest section is for more video game related stuff. Anyway, I'm running a remix contest to promote my upcoming album, preorder here, along with the Fractal Collective, & I want as many OCR peeps as possible to participate!


Here are the details!

Original - https://soundcloud.com/dlpmusic/ever-onward


This is the original version of the track for remix contest I'm doing to promote the new album! BPM is 90.

Download the stems here goo.gl/twCpsW

When you have a track you're happy with, upload it here goo.gl/rzIqUc

Include your email address in the mp3 description!

The deadline is March 3, 2014 at midnight! Winner's will be chosen shortly after this date. Contest winner will receive a $50 amazon gift card, as well as a free download of the album, as well as have a special release of their submission! Runner up will receive a free download of the album & be featured on a special release of their submission.

Have fun!

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Congratulations to the winners!

Yeah, this was fun to do, I liked the original very much. Would've liked to do a more complete (longer) arrangement, there were still a couple of parts to cover.. but didn't have the time. Glad I had what I had though!


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