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OCR02827 - Mega Man 4 & 3 "Standing on Top"


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Great music, the vocals... I would use less autotune and more vocoding next time - the vox sound tinny, so might want to lopass them more substantially next time.

Love the frickin music though.


Yeah, I've (a) gotten a lot better at singing and (B) gotten a lot better at vocal mixing since I created this track. It's something like three years old at this point, if you can believe that. Still holds a special spot in my heart, though!

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I actually don't mind the autotune, since it's not overused like it could be. I think Flexstyle did his vocals in a tasteful way like DJP said, and he and Jason Covenant made a great mix out of these two sources. It's great to hear Cossack get another ReMix, as it seems to be one of the lesser used Castles. Interesting that only half of this ReMix has vocals and the rest from then on is pretty much the instrumentation, but it gives it a bit of a "this ReMix takes off like a plane NOW" kind of arrangement, and I can get behind that type of uniqueness. Great Megaman ReMix, guys.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02827 - Mega Man 4 & 3 "Standing on Top"

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