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Remixing 2 themes from 2 games

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We have a ton of mixes like that. I generally just check which theme/game is used more, and that determines what game the mix is filed under in the database.
Does the remixer have any say in it? I have a few mixes in my to-attempt list that would be based partially on games not represented in OCR at all, and my preference would be for them to be listed under such a game instead (especially if it has a soundtrack I love overall).
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Does the remixer have any say in it?

Not really. For example, if you send a 4 1/2 minute arrangement that uses Pokémon X for 2 1/2 minutes and Kirby Super Star for 2, the remix will be listed as Pokémon X, because that's the game score most represented in the arrangement. I'm always going to tag the game score used most in the arrangement; anything else literally doesn't make sense.

That said, the hypothetical mix would show up when viewing listings of mixes associated with Kirby Super Star.

Mega Man 5, for example, lists an MM1 and MM9 mix that also use a theme from MM5.


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