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OCR02853 - Shadow Warrior 'Wang. You Want?'

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While the first half of the ReMix really poured some sweet Asian instrumentation my way, which I'm almost always a fan of, hearing the rest of the ReMix pick up some electronic dubawubs and give it an extra kick was pretty cool was well. Normally I don't have an issue with fade endings, but I'm with Brandon on this one. It seemed like there was still too much energy and wubbing going on for a fade. A little slow-down or breaking it down to the basic beats before that would have been ace, I think. That aside, after listening to this a few times, I can safely say that this is definitely something I want. Damn good debut, man!

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It's always good when some chinese/japanese/ethnic instrumentation is blended with something modern, like dubstep. The buidup is just very cool. But when it picks up, I was shocked how badass this sounds. Plenty of variety here with all that hard-hitting dubstep elements, ethreal ethnic drops and some marching drums for good measure. More wang, please!

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