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OCR02873 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'A Link to Zelda'

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Really good stuff. Especially the arpeggios. It merged the theme with a more happy side than other dubstep song I actually listen.

It was refreshing earing the theme of zelda again And I'm happy to have heard this one. It's a download for me ;)

(I agree/disagree with the repetetiveness. IT's border IMO.)Want to hear more for sure

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Sounds almost like a classic OCR track with some updates. Nice arrangement ideas, but there were points where I thought that maybe a little more variation or at least a definite breakdown would have been aces. Not my favorite take on the Zelda Overworld theme I've heard, but I can respect the work in this ReMix.

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This definitely has a vintage OCR track vibe to it. It’s a nice, and unique take on the overworld. It is kind of repetitive though. I can tell that there was some attempt at making each “loop” a little more varied (like the transition between the second and third “loop”), but it wasn’t enough keep it from not being repetitive, so it was a little disappointing for me. But I could still hear this at a club or rave and not be bored.

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